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  1. Well, that was easier than l expected. Thanks for the quick reply, everything is working now.
  2. Hi, l would like to make all of my games work before buying Bigbox but I'm having some issues: I've added TG-16/PC-Engine games to my library, followed the instructions, the games are on the correct platform but, for some reason, RA loads games using an Atari 7600 core (Prosystem) instead of mednafen_supergrafx_libretro. I already did a bulk edit to change either the platform or the emulator but the problem persists. I also tried to work around it by deleting the Atari core but then it simply would not launch the games. l linked an image where you can all see my the default directories for Retroarch's cores (l don't even have Atari 7600 as an associated platform). Thanks.
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