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  1. Thanks guys, I fixed it! I was about to throw my laptop out the fkn window lol
  2. Hello LB community. So im super frustrated...I've tried Hyperspin, wiiflow, and now LB and i cant seem to ever get these front ends fully set up. I thought this one would be promising due to the "user friendly" interface, but im STILL not doing something right. I followed the steps on the "Emulating the Arcade (MAME) - LaunchBox Tutorials" on youtube. All of my roms finally finished parsing etc etc. The rom directory is pointing to the right place..But when I go to play a game, it wants me to extract the rom, which ive never had to to when using mame by itself. I must be missing a step. Im also confused, cause the guy in the video from LB support got to a part where he seemed to be referring to an entirely different emulator or core when using retroarch....uuuuugh...can anyone help me out???? Im no dummy, but sheesh, this is so confusing. Im running mame 0.193b with a full matching set of split roms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUQzvbweVgw&index=48&list=WL&t=1159s
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