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  1. It would be great to have some old horror games to play for Halloween !! I was thinking about , Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland (Windows - 1996) .
  2. An in depth work ! i learn new things ! thanks !
  3. wow ! A "deluxe" version of Hell cyberpunk !! Thanks again ! 😊
  4. well done ! thank you again ! 😊
  5. I know Mad Stalker but frankly I never touched to Genocide.. I thought it was a simulator Mecha game (all in Japanese ...).. and it's an action game... It sounds nice !! πŸ‘ Now regarding shmups on Amiga... There are a lot of gems (ah... SWIV, Xenon 1 and 2, Banshee,.....) ! 😍 I still remember when i touched a C64 the first time : I played Raid over Moscow ! never saw a so hard and yet various shmups before ! πŸ˜‹ This game could be in your selection.....
  6. oh that would be great ! 😊 I know the one BIG CON for hell a cyberpunk Thriller : the time limit ! yeah it was pretty stupid if you ask me... But Take2 made a rather solid game (not perfect of course...) So you 're working on a new package ..... any clue ? 🀭 is it an adventure game ? Action Game ?
  7. I have discovered your website : amazing ! 😎 I was teen at the end of 80ies .... I don't know how to run my old CD roms on windows 10 and you save the day ! Thanks ! 😊 Even if it's not the place for requesting a game ... it would be great to play - again - to hell a cyberpunk Thriller (1994). It was a good one and we are still requesting for a GOG version.... without any success (I guess I'm must the only remembering this game....)
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