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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble and I'm in a dead end. Launchbox and Retroarch is setup and work. I added the fulleset of CPS2 game in zip in LaunchBox. Some work, some doesnt. BUT, they ALL work if I launch them from Retroarch. I used the fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll. My emulator settings are: ..\RetroArch\retroarch.exe -L "..\RetroArch\cores\fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll" no options are check Since multiple games works, I tried in Retroarch and it works FINE! Anyone got an idea?
  2. Well, I manage to answer myself with some trial and error. Quite simple. 1- Install LaunchBox 2- Setup emulators 3- Import games 4- Get an account (contribute to get full access) to EmuVideo 5- In LauchBox, go to tools -> Download Metata... 6- Go to bed 7- Wake up and see that most game now got information, box art, video, sound etc...
  3. Hi all! I got a noob question. I'm moving from a RetroPie fully loaded to my PC that can run way more stuff than a RaspberryPie3. (My pc is FAT but is FAST) I installed Lauchbox, got a license since it's an awesome piece of software. I installed Retroarch, setup a couple emulator and add a couple of games. I got most boxart, description, etc working (some roms are just messy and was not identified). I install the custom theme RetroFresh since the demo video was magnificent. (I'm sure there other really great, I will find them too!) I started BIG BOX MODE and it's really not like in the video! I guess I have to scrape a bunch of custom art... Is there a tutorial about how to setup the theme properly and get all the game name in logo, the intro video for the console (for the game too if possible)? In other word, I would like to setup my theme like it's showed in this video! Edit 1: Looking deeper I found stuff about EmuMovie. I make an account and will try to sync with LauchBox. Thanks!!
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