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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble and I'm in a dead end. Launchbox and Retroarch is setup and work. I added the fulleset of CPS2 game in zip in LaunchBox. Some work, some doesnt. BUT, they ALL work if I launch them from Retroarch. I used the fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll. My emulator settings are: ..\RetroArch\retroarch.exe -L "..\RetroArch\cores\fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll" no options are check Since multiple games works, I tried in Retroarch and it works FINE! Anyone got an idea?
  2. Well, I manage to answer myself with some trial and error. Quite simple. 1- Install LaunchBox 2- Setup emulators 3- Import games 4- Get an account (contribute to get full access) to EmuVideo 5- In LauchBox, go to tools -> Download Metata... 6- Go to bed 7- Wake up and see that most game now got information, box art, video, sound etc...
  3. Hi all! I got a noob question. I'm moving from a RetroPie fully loaded to my PC that can run way more stuff than a RaspberryPie3. (My pc is FAT but is FAST) I installed Lauchbox, got a license since it's an awesome piece of software. I installed Retroarch, setup a couple emulator and add a couple of games. I got most boxart, description, etc working (some roms are just messy and was not identified). I install the custom theme RetroFresh since the demo video was magnificent. (I'm sure there other really great, I will find them too!) I started BIG BOX MO
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