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  1. Worked on about 10 games to add, move, and remove images around with zero issues. It seems to work super well so far. Thank you! Loving this fix so much.
  2. Still having the same issues on the latest beta. I managed to capture it on video. Hopefully that helps. The only thing I did was to preview them in fullscreen which seems to be the root of the issue. https://streamable.com/1009j
  3. Ouch, "image being used" bug is not fixed yet: I basically clicked on the image once from the preview to see how it looks like (it opens up a new window to view), removed it and clicked OK. Not sure if it was that window or the background (LaunchBox was also using it at the background of the UI).
  4. Jason, I just want to say I love you for fixing this. I have about 4K+ games on Steam and I've been slowly adding media images in batches. I've been also editing some past entries as the new Steam library update makes it so much better for me to find better vertical covers. It has been absolutely hell with that issue. I'm so glad that's gone now. I'll report back if I still have that problem. Thanks a lot! ❤️
  5. Hey Jason since the last thread is closed, I continuing the discussion of the "Launch With..." feature. You mentioned you'd need to create a new type of interface element for it, but couldn't you just use what you're using it already? When you select "Launch With" from the game details screen, it opens up a selectable menu for all available options I added. I just want a keybinding to open up this very menu from the game wheel view.
  6. There was a Windows update regarding .NET Framework today and Lauchbox has been crashing after the loading screen. I cannot get it to run. EDIT: Found the issue. If you're having the same problem after installing KB4514359, the culprit was actually RTSS. Go to the settings and reset your RTSS cache and WPF apps should now run without crashing.
  7. No, I got that. That's what I do now, (I have set it to 'Y') but the transition to game details screen is a bit slow and it's just a few more extra button presses I want to avoid. I have two MAME versions. One configured for playing and one for streaming. The latter disables portaudio and removes some filters so it works better for broadcasting. I have transition disabled, but it still feels unresponsive and I just wanted a small context menu to make launching faster and snappier.
  8. I see. I can't turn off game details because I still need the option "Launch with..." for many games. Please consider adding a key binding (for controllers too) for opening a small context menu for added launch options!
  9. I'm not quite sure if I read about this or not as my memory is foggy, but is there a feature where it opens up the small context menu of launch options on WheelGamesView without going to the details screen?
  10. So the Android version is a separate purchase? How much will it be for the Premium users?
  11. This has been a bug for a long time, and since it's still happening I'd like to report it as it gets really tiring. When you try to change "Box - Front" (to another category or simply delete it), I get "it is being used by another process" error when I click "OK". I have to close "Edit Game", open the edit window a few more times and attempt to do it again (sometimes even takes 10 tries) to get it through.
  12. I'm a huge digital pinball fan (the real ones are hard to maintain and move around). I'm actually glad the resources are being pulled for something more productive as well. Just adding to the discussion that I agree with the decision to move on. Really excited to see what will be on the next poll!
  13. I don't think there are furue-proof methods to automatically detect whether they need "-class" or not, but there is one way to do this: - The file name for real tables start with either "WMS_" (for Williams) and "BALLY_" (for Bally). However, this is just a naming they did and it can change, although it would be a good practice for them to not. They also acquired license for Stern so we may also get something like that maybe by the end of this year. To answer the other question, I use the Steam version. I own all tables. Since I don't own the Microsoft version, I wouldn't know too much about their file structure. I would have guessed they are the same, but the tables for the Steam version are located inside a folder literally named "steam":
  14. Pinball FX3's new physics is pretty amazing that was added exclusively for the real tables. Fourth volume pack also has experimental flipper physics and they are incredible. I suggest you try that out.
  15. I've been using Pinball FX3 and had created a separated platform for it. I had some issues initially with launch options simply not working from the LaunchBox, but it got magically fixed after a few updates. I haven't tested this in the recent version (v9.0+), but last time tested it, command-line parameters were not working properly for individual games. The Williams tables on Pinball FX3 pretty much need "-class" parameter to launch in classic mode while you don't want that in most of the game's original tables. Other than that, it's been working without a problem. For VP X, I just had to run the table.
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