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  1. There is an issue with lesser known games being added as a wrong game. This happens quite often, but here are a few examples: https://store.steampowered.com/app/659560/VITATIO/ gets registered as "Rockett's Secret Invitation" from 1998 https://store.steampowered.com/app/551110/Wayout/ gets registered as "A Way Out".
  2. That's interesting because one (launching on the correct screen) of the two bugs got fixed in Beta 2. BigBox still returns to the original screen if it is moved to another screen when it becomes active (from alt-tab). This was introduced in Beta 1. It never did this before, I guarantee. My computer stayed on 24/7 and no monitor setups were changed between Beta 1 and 2. I downloaded Beta 2 last night and I noticed it now launches on the proper screen, though the issue mentioned is still here. I posted here because the bugs were introduced in Beta 1. The suggestion was just an extensio
  3. I always had problem with BigBox launching on a monitor based on screen index because the number (Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3...) can change if u turn on the monitors in different order, or use smart plug turns on monitors at the same time. The workaround was to move the BigBox window with a hotkey via DisplayFusion, but now it's not even launching on the correct screen. It's set to Screen 1 at this time, but it keeps launching it on Screen 2 (bug #1). If I use the hotkey to move it, the Windows taskbar shows on top of BigBox. If I click on the BigBox icon on the taskbar, it moves back g
  4. It looks like 11.9 beta 2 fixed the startup performance quite nicely. It's definitely faster than beta 1. Not sure if it's same as before, but it sure feels like it.
  5. Yeah, I've been using LaunchBox quite frequently recently, and this one definitely has noticeably slower launching time. Otherwise, other improvements are fantastic.
  6. This was added only in the recent years to combat fake games so that "developers" don't sell empty games and profit from Steam Trading Cards, Emotes or Steam Achievement icons. All games usually release in this status ("Steam is learning about this game"), then either becomes "Profile Features Limited (not enough sales and community activity)", or a regular game where it now counts towards the number that displays how many games you own, and feature their Steam Achievements on Steam Profile Achievement Showcases. Examples: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1241700/There_I
  7. Hey @Jason Carr, I noticed LaunchBox Steam Importer does not detect Profile Features Limited games. This isn't your fault as Valve implemented such limitation to combat fake games in the past. The good news now is that recently Valve updated their endpoint API to also include these games, given a proper parameter is set. https://steamapi.xpaw.me/#IPlayerService/GetOwnedGames Set "skip_unvetted_apps" to "0". When this parameter is set to 0, it will return all games owned by user, including Profile Features Limited games. When omitted, this parameter is defaulted to 1.
  8. What is the purpose of "alternate names"? What are they used for?
  9. Right-click context menu on games seems to be opening much faster. Was there any effort put specifically for this, or just a nice benefit we got from .NET Core?
  10. I have more than 3K games on Steam and this happens quite often, especially with episodic adventure games (Telltale being the biggest offender), fighting games, and games that have multiple entries (Call of Duty Singleplayer/Multiplayer). I wouldn't say it's frequent, but definitely not a rare case. Most of my videos are personally edited videos that are 30 ~ 60 seconds long. They are mostly 720p/1080p. Everything associated with Launchbox (besides game installations) is installed on an SSD and these videos rack up storage space pretty fast. I'd rather not **copy and paste the same video
  11. This usually works if the games have the same title, but a lot of games I have issues with this is due to having different names. The workaround you suggested is unfortunately not an option. The problematic cases include games that are mostly an identical game with just a few contents added and/or tiny little balance changes (fighting games), or games that have different subtitles (modern point and click adventure games) or different episodes (like the 5th Monkey Island game having "Episode 1/2/3/4/5" suffix).
  12. Games still cannot share the same video. Each just rename the videos and the previous game that was using it loses the association.
  13. Games still cannot share the same video. Each just rename the videos and the previous game that was using it loses the association.
  14. You were right. This started happening after the Windows 10 2004 update and I managed to track down the cause. It seems the update enabled a few manually-disabled HID drivers. I no longer have this problem after disabling these drivers again, but if you wish to know what was causing it here it is. The controllers work perfectly fine in nearly all games, but these drivers by simply being enabled can cause issues like this. It makes the Windows game controller dialog periodically freeze as well, just as LaunchBox's Option dialog did (when it's opened or closed). BigBox seems to also have an
  15. I figured you would say that. I still voiced my opinion since I do manage games all the time. Hopefully, you'll consider making UI efficient next time if you plan on overhauling or making a new dialog. Thanks for looking into video issues.
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