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  1. Please do let us know how you get on, I'm curious. I haven't started using my PS1 backups yet but knowing my luck, I'll probably run into similar problems lol.
    Forgot how great the PS2 sounded. The sounds are very soft, short and sweet. Thanks for providing these.
  2. Wow thanks, holy crap I remember this. This console was the best man, the whole style and games of it felt like the future or the matrix lol. Thank you so much.
  3. The cube animation looks like it's angled a little wrong compared to the box, but overall this is an amusing and well-done intro. Definitely evokes nostalgia for Gamecube.
  4. Thanks, honestly I'll take whatever you're willing to give when it comes to PS2 themedstuff this vid is great. Thanks for the link to the sounds!
  5. This is the kind of thing I am looking for!! Are there other PS2 themed downloads??
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