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  1. A Problem On The Database

    Database moderation is down for me as well. Same error.
  2. Need some background music

    Yeah, it's a real bummer than you can't do anything platform-specific like that. How about something like this: But, if like you said, you need something that is quiet and just in the background, either the PS2 or Gamecube system config sounds would work:
  3. PS2 Background

    Here's the ambient sounds: https://dbr.ee/riZj
  4. PS2 Background

    I personally pair this with CrticalZone BlueBox. Also, here's a soundpack that someone else made: If you want, I can rip that ambient wave sound that plays on the menu.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here's the background crystal clock that was featured on the Playstation 2 menu. I recorded at 1080p with PCSX2. and edited it to seamlessly loop.
  6. PS2 Background

    PS2 Background View File Here's the background crystal clock that was featured on the Playstation 2 menu. Loops. Submitter tbm Submitted 02/06/2018 Category Platform Backgrounds  
  7. Views glitch

    So far it seems to be fixed. Great work, and thanks for helping.
  8. Is this possible? I've set "ParrotLoader.exe" as the emulator and the Mario Kart exe. as the ROM, and it loads the game, but it pops up this error: So yeah, is this possible?
  9. Views glitch

    Just ran into this issue again with CriticalZone. I set the per-platform view to "Horizontal Boxes With Details" and it reverts. Even when I edit platforms.xml to use that view and then set it to read-only, it still won't work in Big Box.
  10. Views glitch

    Any update on this?
  11. Theme SNES Mini ??

    Any update to this?
  12. Tekken 2 image rejected

    I thought I posted where I got it from already. Anyway, it's from Tekken 7's legacy gallery. As I said, it isn't a flyer, but that's the only category that makes any sense. There's no category for rendered game art.
  13. Tekken 2 image rejected

    What about it looks bad?
  14. Tekken 2 image rejected

    It got rejected again. I guess I just won't upload official artwork anymore.
  15. Some of those cuts really need work. Most are great, though.