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  1. Does anyone know if someone has made a pause theme that shows controller mapping for the system you are on? I use my setup to play with friends and family and while I have the controller mappings pretty well down, it'd be cool to have a quick pause reference to avoid the "wait, I thought the triangle was the y button?" issues.... If no one else has made one maybe I will try my hand at it, but i've never made anything for launchbox so it would be a learning experience....
  2. Hmmm... I made a new emulator from scratch in launchbox and don't have any parameters, just the path to citra-qt.exe and now its working fine. Nevermind all.
  3. Ok I'm trying having issues getting a controller set up for citra.exe. I can set up the controllers in citra-qt.exe and everything works fine, but when i try to use that as my launchbox executable I get a Invalid rom format error. When I use citra.exe as the lauchbox executable the game boots fine and i have keyboard support, but i don't have controller support. I have had the same exact results with nightly and canary builds. I looked in %appdata% and i can find the qt-config.ini, but i can't find a config file for plain citra.exe. Does anyone know if there is a way to get launchbo
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