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  1. Thanks a lot! I have many systems yet until i finish but this gives me strength to continue!
  2. Success!!! Thanks a lot man! I guess was missing something rather simple. I think the crucial part was the mame.ini part because i have tried these checkboxes before having mame,ini. I have a question. Because i have many more systems to add like AAE American Laser Games, Amstrad GX4000 etc. Is there any place i can find the default command lines i should put on associated platforms?
  3. The games are bin. And below i am attaching the Emulator Details tab maybe i am missing something rather simple
  4. Yes indeed. Along with the rest of the files that the pack included i have this 4 that i believe it's for this system:
  5. I have created mame.ini file succesfully i used mame64.exe-cc since my i downloaded the 64bit one. I downloaded one file called Mess bios pack and i extracted all the zip files(bioses) in rom folder. Unfortunately again nothing happens when i click a game to launch. On the ini file below is what i have: # CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS # readconfig 1 writeconfig 0 # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath roms;
  6. Ok thanks but for some strange reason i cannot find mame.ini on my MAME folder. Only ini i can find on mame root folder is plugin.ini and ui.ini. Is there a way to generate this mame.ini?
  7. Hi thanks for the information. I have already done that but no success. I am not sure what i have done wrong. I downloaded Mame64 from the main website.
  8. Hi i have imported successfully Bally Astrocade to launchbox but unfortunately i cannot get the emulator to work. I have seen some information on the forum but still i cannot figure it out. I have tried mame and retroarch but no success. On retroarch i have tried Mame, mame2014 and MESS core i get a flash of a window and then dissapears. I have also read that i have to do MESS bioses to system folder of Retroarch and i did. With-regards MAME i do not even get the flash window. I have also put the bioses on rom folder of MAME. Any help would be appreciated.
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