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  1. Starbuck

    GOG Dos games

    Zombeaver, Could you go into a little more detail on the GOG games, where is the none of the above
  2. These look awesome Where do I put these and where is the link
  3. Works well for me. If I don't have a drive hooked up, my games still show I just don't have access . This speeds up my system. When I boot LB I have the drive hooked that I need for the games I want to play.
  4. Currently setting at 154,000 games. I have 4 8tb and have changed Launchbox setup to reflect the drive each system is on. I always wait until Black Friday and Walmart here has them on sale for 99 dollars. Check you local Walmart. This year I want to start buying a couple to start doing backups.
  5. 1980 Collection.zip 1970 Collection.mp4 1990 Collection.zip Here are the ones I use
  6. Starbuck

    List of few questions

    Been using Launchbox for a couple of months now. Converted from another front end that I had been using for a number of years. Still importing roms and I am cleaning up images as I go along. 1) I know that the more platforms I have, the slower launchbox will be at startup. Currently setting at 130,151 roms and still have quite a few to go. Still very happy with the speed of Lanchbox. (Once I load Launchbox I keep it up most of the time so that I can play when I feel the need .) Is there a magic number of games that caps out Launchbox. Want to add ExDos and some Flash games and that will increase the number quite a bit. 2) I have lots of sub-platforms. (prototypes, Hacks, Japan, demos etc.) Hope if and when nested platforms come out, it will be easy to convert. Any ideas. 3 When you manage platforms, you get a nice list of platforms and number of games. Is there a way of printing said list. 4)When new images are added to the download section, are they also added to the database. Or, do I need to download and install manually. 5)Is there a way to do a search and install for metadata and media for just a single platform and not everything. 6) I have Launchbox and my images on one drive and my games on two other drives. Other then re importing or changing the drive letter on each game in the data file, is there a way to change the drive letter for games. I at times will import on the same drive as Launchbox , and have happy with I want done, I move the games to one of the other 2 drives. Really don't want to delete and re import. 7) How do I change the image on a single game. I go to edit a game. Scroll thru the media, find the image I want. I hit ok but the image doesn't change. Thank you Jason for what you do and the community for always being there when we users have questions.
  7. Starbuck

    Problem setting up Platforms

    My bad. I'll only use Rockertlauncher because of the many bezels available. I'll play with rocket launcher ans see what I can come up with. Or I may just try to do it thru Retroarch and bypass the bezels Thank you so much for your help
  8. Starbuck

    Problem setting up Platforms

    Yes Sir. If I put the games back in the MSX folder, they work fine. I checked Rockerlauncher and they are pointing to the right folders. Could the dashes or another character be causing they problem?
  9. Starbuck

    Problem setting up Platforms

    Thank you for the quick reply. I've done that several times. The error message reads Your Systemname: Microsoft MSX - Games - [CAS] is not one of the known systems for for this Retroarch module: Retroarch
  10. Starbuck

    Problem setting up Platforms

    Getting close to the 10,000 games imported. I have started to split my games up into small bite size categories and have encountered a problem. When I just had one category for a platform,(Example - MSX) Retroarch worked with no problem Now that I have split the platform up I get an error. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Example: I have a platform named: Microsoft MSX - Games - [CAS]. When I try to load it thru Retroarch, I get an error message saying that the platform is not a known system under Retroarch. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. Starbuck

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Dragon57 Your silver ring sets are awesome. I have a request Please. I have Collections by year 1970 thru 2020. Could a set be made for these. I have attached my ones for 70's, 80's, and 90's. These contain all Mame Games for those periods.. But would like one for each year., as I also have collections for MAME by Year. !970 Collection, 1971 Collection etc. Thank you very much 70s Collection.7z 80s Collection.7z 90s Collection.7z
  12. Do you have the logo and videos for your gamegear platforms
  13. Starbuck

    Launchbox 8.4 Beta 20

    When I start Launchbox, It asks do I want to update to a newer beta. If I say no , it it starts and works fine. If I say yes ,right before it completes I receive a error message saying it cannot delete several files to update to the new version. then aborts. if I don't update neither Bigbox or Launchbox next will open. Fixed - Had already done a reboot with no results. Checked my drive and I was down to less then 10g. Moved some files and increased size to 40g. Update fine
  14. Great. Thank you. Going to spend a few hours and look for artwork and try and get a few more systems running under MAME
  15. Have you uploaded the videos yet. Just finished searching for the Game gear games and imported what I found so far to LB