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  1. Converted from another front end and in my old setup, I had playlists by year. Very easy in launchbox to filter this way. When people come over they like playing games from a year that they remember going to the arcades. Has anyone made logos for playlists by years. I currently have playlists fr1970 thru 2017. I also have 70', 80' and 90's. I found those three but not the others.
  2. Image View

    Thanks DOS76 Might be a feature request
  3. Image View

    Thank you neil9000, Thats works. 2 questions, is there a way to have the screenshots etc. cycle thru automatically, or do they have to remain static.
  4. Image View

    Using the Nec Pc-engine cd platform. I have lots of in-game screen shots, but very few title screens. When I check image view only screenshot option appears. By default this is the title screen. No game play video option. How do I change image to show game-play and not title.
  5. Yeah, I'm one of the ones that wants every rom available for every system. I figured out how to do like Lordmonus suggested but not really the way I want to do it. I guess I'll hold tight for now and cross my fingers that's in one of the updates coming soon. Zerox9876 has it right on as to how I want to do it. Example I have over 500 homebrew for 2600 and several hundred for 7800 and 5200 alone
  6. I have my console roms in their own platforms. I would like to have playlists for each that pulls from that platform into sub playlists that include home brew, prototypes, demos etc.. etc. Sometimes I just want to see and play the home-brew, prototypes etc. and would like a list showing just those categories. Is this possible
  7. Launchbox Ultimate Complete Edition

    my bad, Super Control Station SF-7000 Colecovision used some of the coding from this system to make their system.
  8. Launchbox Ultimate Complete Edition

    How many systems is MESS emulating now. I have used GameEx for a number of years and have over 200 systems in it. You are right alot of the games still have problems, but the emulators get better all the time. The hard part is getting the artwork etc. For me it is an on going passion. There are lots of systems that are emulated very well but you hardly ever see them in a front end. Sega SG 7000, for example has some great games and has been emulated by FUSION for quite awhile, Yet I only see it being used in my own setup. You throw in hacks, home brew,, different regions and the count goes up fast. Then throw in collections and the list grows even faster. MESS is still adding new systems with every new update. Spectravideo is shown in a few setups, but have yet to see a tutorial I currently have over 200 games for this system alone, and still find a new one here and there. Dan is right there are a lot more then 130 systems..
  9. Launchbox Ultimate Complete Edition

    Love what you are doing. Family has to be #1. Is it possible for you to post your xml files.
  10. Collections

    Has anyone posted the xml files for all the collections that are shown in some of the builds.
  11. Collections

    That worked. Thank you.
  12. Collections

    Recently purchased Big Box and am loving it. How do I add collections like I see in some of the videos (Batman, Megaman, etc, etc.)
  13. Fanart background

    Thanks Retro808. Had found that setting earlier, untick seems to be only a premium option.
  14. Fanart background

    How do I turn off the fanart backgrounds without removing them