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  1. - RetroFrogg Won't even let me delete one of them
  2. work at a hospital and have been very busy and not much time for playing with Launchbox. Was on 12.3. Just upgraded to 13.1 and now I have in my platform list the all games platform listed twice. Showing i have twice as many games as i ready have. How do I delete one of the two all games platforms
  3. Watched your video on YouTube and using some of your videos etc. in my build. Do you have a folder you could share with the story files for the systems. I like the way you show the various details on your screen for the systems and playlists.
  4. Have about an hour to go and I should have your videos complete and will keep seeding for a bit. Any chance of you posting some of your other content on the archive. Such as fanart, box art, roms, snaps, system files etc. etc. Thank you for sharing.
  5. can you do a logo please for Dark Light
  6. Working on a project and can't seem to find logos for the following Does a logo exists for the following. No-Intro Hacks Homebrew Prototypes Demos Various countries - Example: Japan, France, Brazil, Germany,Spain, World, USA, Chinese Conversion Missing Games Translations Unreleased
  7. Being a player who wants ever game, is there a file I can create or that some one can share that lists every game for a given system. A number of years ago I beta tested a front end that would show every game and display artwork etc. If you did not have the game a icon was displayed next to the game showing missing. You could then sort and print a list of missing games so that you could look for them. Whether you had the game or not you still could scrape the artwork. You then could make the call if you wanted it or not, by looking at the video artwork etc. If you found the game the icon went away and you already had the artwork etc.
  8. I have roughly 80,000 games in my Launchbox setup. After running the last update. My setup shows 190,000 games. This is because I now show twp platforms for all games. I have let the startup run for 2 days in the hopes that once it fully loads I can delete one of the all games. Unfortunately after 2 days it is still loading. Is there a way to delete one of the all games and then restart launchbox. I am only showing one all games in my dat files. Thank you
  9. That worked Neil, Was not in my backup folder. Does Launchbox not do a automated backup
  10. Can I just make a blank xml to get lunchbox to start
  11. Have updated for awhile and when I tried to update, got a notice launchbox\data\bootleg system.xml was corrupt . Went into backups and I have no such file to restore. Can anyone please share. Thank you for this great software
  12. Love this theme. Does anyone have these made yet. Thompson Never Played RetroAchievments Attlus Coman NMK Universal Viso Gaelco IGS Incrediable technology Mega PlayKaplan MSX Turbo Nichibutsu Semicom
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