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  1. Starbuck

    Amstrad GX4000/WinApe settings

    need any help yell out
  2. Starbuck

    Amstrad GX4000/WinApe settings

    Running mine thru mame and rocketlauncher and have no problems
  3. Starbuck

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    Plus 1 for the flash games
  4. Starbuck

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @Detran, loving you logos. It may be too much too ask. but on my system, I have playlists for 70's,80's, & 90;s, I have logos for these. See attached. I also have each broken down by individual years. 1970 collection, 1971 Collection etc. I have these though 2020. Would love to have your talent create logos for them.
  5. Starbuck

    Beta Roms

    I too, have quite a collection of beta roms. I broke mine down by making a playlist category for betas. I also do the same for homebrew, prototypes, hacks, demos and Japanese. I know there has been a request to allow sub categories. Not sure how that is progressing. Do you have a xml file for you betas. Would love to have it and see what I'm missing.
  6. Starbuck

    Start up vieos in BigBox

    I am running the random startup video option in BigBox. The videos seem to play for a short time then stops and screen goes blank and then after about 30 second BigBox loads. Is there way to length the time that the startup videos play. Believe if I can lengthen the time full video will play and then go straight into BigBox.
  7. Starbuck

    Playlists by year

    Here is a 7z of the years. In each you can add your own games,using the filters you want.. Have also includes a couple of videos by year for you to check out. Can upload more if needed. What i need is clear logos for the years similar to the 70's one attached Playlists.7z 1970 Collection.mp4 1971 Collection.mp4
  8. Starbuck

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    I too an a horder. I split my systems by regions, as well as homebrew, hacks etc. Would any of you be willing to share your xml files that I can import into launchbox. Would also love to have some of the logos for the hacjs etc.
  9. Starbuck

    Bug after updating to 8.2

    Thank you neil9000. That worked. I want to add some more games. Would I be better off killing the system and reinstall with rocketlauncher as the emulator. Or just edit each game as I add them.
  10. Starbuck

    Bug after updating to 8.2

    Thanks Dolphin and game cube seems to be the issue. If you click on a game a message box pops up saying emulator no longer exits. If I right click and pick Dolphin the game runs in the emulator but outside of rocketlauncher.
  11. Starbuck

    Bug after updating to 8.2

    After the last update. When I go to open a game I get an error message saying emulator is no longer available. Chose an emulator. When I choose a emulator the game starts but without bezels etc. They are only opening in the emulator. What got corrupt and how might I fix it.
  12. Converted from another front end and in my old setup, I had playlists by year. Very easy in launchbox to filter this way. When people come over they like playing games from a year that they remember going to the arcades. Has anyone made logos for playlists by years. I currently have playlists fr1970 thru 2017. I also have 70', 80' and 90's. I found those three but not the others.
  13. Starbuck

    Image View

    Thanks DOS76 Might be a feature request
  14. Starbuck

    Image View

    Thank you neil9000, Thats works. 2 questions, is there a way to have the screenshots etc. cycle thru automatically, or do they have to remain static.
  15. Starbuck

    Image View

    Using the Nec Pc-engine cd platform. I have lots of in-game screen shots, but very few title screens. When I check image view only screenshot option appears. By default this is the title screen. No game play video option. How do I change image to show game-play and not title.