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  1. My thoughts are until a real box can be found. Any box looks better than nothing. I think what you have done looks great
  2. That did it Dos76 Thank you
  3. Work for a hospital and unfortunately been too busy to do much with my Launchbox. Upgraded to the current version and noticed that I no longer have a video playing in my details area. Is this no linger available. I noticed that Lauchbox is still downloads the videos but not showing up. Is there a checkbox I need to check
  4. Will check back throughout the day to get this awesome upload. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this. I will be curious to see if I have any games that don't have and vice versa. Once I get everything I am going to start searching for any overlays I don't have.
  5. You deserve a break today. Will you be including the overlay when available
  6. I like what you have done. Just a suggestion, but underneith the system picture how about adding the wording "Box Art not available"
  7. Looking good. I've started looking for other roms also and am surprised how just when you think you've found them all. Another one pops up !
  8. Love what you are doing hitm4n. Can't wait for you to start sharing. I have about 120 roms. When I get yours I will compare and see if there is any I have that you don't Thank you for all your hard work
  9. Do you have these as playlists, I can add to launchbox
  10. Works on mine now also
  11. Is there a setting to keep the mouse active during the game loading screen. When I run a system for the first time, SpyHunter pops up a box asking do I want the emulator to run. I have the option to accept or block. Since the loading screen for the game is running, I have no mouse support so I can not get the mouse to show to move and click the box. I have tried to tab but the loading screen is keeping the focus.
  12. Think the logos are great. Would love to have the complete set
  13. Fantastic set up. Would it be possible to upload you xml files for your systems.
  14. Same issue I have been having. Now I have transferred everything to a single folder on an external. The processes start but when I click a game, flash window comes up with no game on the external set up
  15. Have played with this so much I completely confused. I DL both Flashpoint5.3Infinity & Flashpoint 5.3 Ultimate. Put both on an external drive. Flashpoint5.3Infinity opens fine and plays fine. Takes a little to dl game but then plays fine Flashpoint 5.3 Ultimate opens loads the flashplayer and then nothing. all games should already be dl. but flashplayer opens and never starts a flash game In Launchbox everything show up but does the same as standalone Flashpoint 5.3 Ultimate abpve Rechecked Flashpoint 5.3 Ultimate torrent says everthing fine
  16. Great. That's kinda what I want to do. Just will have to edit a game to see what drive I imported it from and do a drive swap when I want to play that game
  17. when you play a game will launchbox look in both directories for the game
  18. Thank you proghodet for the reply. Yeah I knew that. I have my games on a external drive and wanted to add a second to expand my games.
  19. When I go to tools and set my games directory, is it possible to set more then 1 directory.
  20. Had that to start. When I ran it it said It couldn't find hhttpd.exe or Redirext. Since I had the games on my f drive and the launcher on H i thought i needed to change it. Changed back and got the error again
  21. Got the games working and the images to show but still having problems getting the games to run in Launchbox. They run fine outside of launch box. I have the games on F:\Games\Flash Games. The emulator is under H:\Launchbox No Intro\Flash Games\Arcade. Believe my problem lies within the bat file pushd %~dp0 cls @echo off cd H:\Launchbox No Intro\Flash Games\Arcade cd F:\Games\Flash Games cd :\Launchbox No Intro\Flash Games\Arcade\Redirector\Redirect.exe echo. echo Setting up web server... php.exe -f "update_httpdconf_main_dir.php" echo. echo Starting web server...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it! start "Apache Server" /b httpd.exe cd .. cd .. cd Redirector echo. echo Starting games redirector...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it! start "Apache Server" /b Redirect.exe
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