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  1. Solved by turning of pressing Esc twice to exit. This option can be found under input (controller icon) My thought are that the confirmation that briefly appears when you press select + start gave room for the mame menu to launch.
  2. I have it set up with rocketlauncher that uses mame.exe but I want my shaders from retroarch. But just changing emulator would also not solve the issue here, nothing would be learned. Can't have that.
  3. I have this issue where I press select start to exit (using retroarch) but sometimes this just kills the game and then brings up the mame main menu. I was in the general controls and made the close UI to just use Esc, but that did not seem to work. What can I do to guarantee a full exit upon using select start?
  4. Seems this is not possible, you can set it to one Button. I tried two. Like this Joy 7 & Joy 8:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } But this dos not work, instead it made joy 8 in to the killer key. this is also mentioned not to work, here: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm#combo You can define a custom combination of two keys (except joystick buttons) by using " & " between them. In the below example, you would hold down Numpad0 then press the second key to trigger the hotkey: however, wouldn't joy
  5. sadly it works now, so we did not learn anything. I did nothing and now it works.
  6. Yes I know about the ability to crate hotkeys for lowering and increase volume, but then we would not learn anything. So, I have a sound Blaster X7 with a volume knob. It dose not work in kiosk mode. How to fix this? I entered kiosk mode by changing the registry.
  7. If I only want the Playlists, how would I go about that?
  8. Now for referens here, this is what a crt monito look like: http://imgur.com/a/SsSrJYd Dell ultrascan p991 crt monitor 240p@120hz raspberry pi 3 using RetroTINK-ULTIMATE with vga out.
  9. Removing the controller in devices and printers solved the issue. But now I can't get my ps3 controller to work. I tried to install it again but once more my retropad stopped working.
  10. So a few houers later now and I just can't get this to work. I think I made my computer confused plugging the ps3 controller in and out and using scp. Now my (snes) retropad won't work unless I plug it in the back. Nothing wrong with the USB in the front though. Anything else I plug in to it work. And ny controller gets recognized in both launchbox and retroarch if I plug it in and out but no input is registered. The controller show up in windows 10 as well. Tested it on an other computer, nothing wrong with the controller. Tried usboblivion and usbdeview, did not help.
  11. Surely someone posted about this but I find it hard to search for. I want to have my snes and ps3 controller plugged in at the same time and for retroarch to use the ps3 controller for anything n64 or above. Is there a setting for this in launchbox or retroarch? Do when I start nes the snes controller is player 1 and when I start psx the ps3 controller is player 1.
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