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  1. I'm using Parsec to stream local or with friends. https://parsecgaming.com/ 🙃
  2. Thank you 🙂 I hope you like it. Without a "of" it'll look too empty.
  3. Here are the clear logos from my installation. Playlist Categories: Playlists (based on the 4 SNES colors): and for the Play modes menu: old Playlists logos (based on the 4 SNES colors): Thanks everyone for the great thread here, which had inspired me.
  4. I've be using RocketLauncher a long time ago. In addition to the fade screens, I think it's great that you can use different controllers with each emulator (xpadder profiles, I'm having 6 different controllers for each plattform). Well, that's one of the last points that holds me to RocketLauncher. In the past, every platform had its own emulator, so RL was of course very helpful. During these days I have configured new RetroArch for most systems. Bezel and the controllers of about 75% of my systems are controlled by RA and no longer by Rocketlauncher (fade screen I continue to use). But slowly the meaning of RL diminishes. Anyway. RocketLauncher currently has its finger on the ball in every system 🙂 Had cost me a lot of time and prepares joy for many years... HyperSpin I hold up passively, because I've put a lot of time there too. How do you do that with several controllers in Launchbox?
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