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  1. Unless I'm missing something in emumovies, these consoles have at least 200 missing games. I was hoping someone might have their own collection that would be willing to share.
  2. Does anyone have a complete set of video snaps for xbox, wii, psp, or ds? Emu movies doesn't have a complete set and rather than download videos and edit them individually, it would be a lot easier if someone had them to share. Thanks.
  3. I just realized that. Essentially even though they are different images, this is the issue I run into with every single image. As you can see from the bottom image, the spine looks completely different from the top. The spine looks lighter and I can't figure out why. I want the bottom image to look like the top in big box. You can see how the top image's spine look consistent and the same throughout. The top image is when it is viewed outside of LB or BB. It might be a LB issue too as I noticed that it also looks like this in LB. This is the only console it does that for.
  4. For the games view, I have horizontal wheel 2 selected. I have the 3d box art with the cart/disc in the foreground. As far as the 3d box goes, it seems that there is a white hue or some sort of brightness on the spine for some reason specifically the snes 3d boxes. I couldn't find where this setting would be in the xml files in order to change whatever that hue is so that it looks normal? I don't think it would the background image itself causing this but if there are any pointers that would be great. I've attached Mega max x as an example. One if from big box and the other is the actual jpg file when viewing it.
  5. Is there a way to display the total number of games somewhere in this theme? I know in the stock theme, it will show displaying "number of games" out of "total number of games" on the bottom left. I like to know how many games I have total. If this is already in there and I have to change a setting let me know. Thanks!
  6. I would assume you can just resize the image of each pointer. The pointer images are located somewhere within the theme folders. As long as the image name remains the same it should be work. Otherwise if that doesn't work, look in the XML file related to that console to see if there is an aspect ratios you can change. I don't know if resizing the pointers from paint or whatever software would cause any issues with the rest of the theme.
  7. Figured I'd ask. Not a big fan of screenshots so I'll probably point to different artwork. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I'll check the shaders but as far as the audio goes, it just happened to be on but even if it was off there's still no audio. I was just testing it out and I left it on when I ran the CMD.
  9. These are the two logs I got. One is the old RA where it froze via LB. The second on is the RA in a different folder that works but does not have audio and the load screens are in japanese. Broken RA.rtf Working RA - No Audio.rtf
  10. I've been playing around to see if I could get it to work. I've downloaded retroarch again and ran it from a different folder and launched it via LB. That seemed to work but it created other issues as I cannot get any audio from any game. I've looked in the settings and it seems to be normal and my tv speakers work fine as I can hear everything else other than retroarch games. On top of that, my ps1 core loads in japanese straight to the memory card boot screen and does not load the disc. I've tried 3 cored and the same issue. I have all the bios in the system folder and it points to that folder. I couldn't find anything online about this either.
  11. Here is the emulator tab for an nes game. No matter which core I use retroarch crashes.
  12. Attached are the screenshots you requested. Let me know if anything else is needed to diagnose this issue. Thanks.
  13. All the emulators are correct and associated with the correct platform. I went thru those first and still have issues with freezing.
  14. Is there a way, by editing the xml file, to have the video for the selected game, without audio, show up instead of a screenshot on the right side? I would assume if I point to the video path I could but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks.
  15. For some reason, no matter which platform I'm trying to play, retroarch crashed if I load the game thru LB. It looks like it's starting with the FPS in the tope left corner, but it's just black and eventually it crashes and it asked me either to close the program or wait for it to respond. It never responds. If I open retroarch thru the exe and load a rom, it works perfectly fine. I cannot figure out why it doesn't work thru LB. I was hoping someone might have solution for this. I am running 1.7.5 on retroarch and the most current version of LB which I believe is 9.3. I'll also add that I have the correct emulators pointing to the platforms. Not sure if that info is pertinent or not. Thanks in advance.
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