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  1. I’m using the k95 keyboard and the m65 mouse I think it is. Both Corsair and yes I’ve found this known issue information with no resolution and it goes back years. Kinda crap on both Corsair and LaunchBox to have not addressed this by now. Full firmware updates and up to date icue. Also have done fresh installs of OS and it always happens on only the one pc with Corsair hardware. The other two are fine
  2. yes I have always had this issue on only one of my PCS. It literlaly takes 5-10min to load a small collection on fresh OS install and fresh bigbox with only a few roms. I have heard varies reports its geforce related and others say its icue which i have both. Closing those apps does nothing. Terminating the services with those apps does nothing. It also freezes when in options on both bigbox (way worse than launchbox) and launchbox. This is such a big issue for me I've never been able to even use it on my main gaming PC with the hardware I need to emulate to greatness. This is so annoying and we need a proper diagnosis and fix. Everything out there others have suggested does not work.
  3. this problem still exists and if I remove corsair then I loose RGB and alot of functionality. This is ridiculous. My Bigbox takes like 10 min to load with fresh OS and a fresh install with minimal ROMS imported. God damn it.
  4. same here, I have had this issue for over a year now and it renders big box unusable. In addition to the long freezes (sometimes it neer recovers) I have to wait nearly 5-10 min for bigbox to load. I've started from scratch too and reimported some roms to see if my library was causing an issue and its not. Best guess it icue (ive heard conflicts with this) are happening but i have never been able to remedy by closing services and software, it always happens even on fresh windows installs. This is why I think its that fucking piece of crap corsair keyboard which i actually love but hate icue software. Anyone have any ideas?
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