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  1. Any means to call Pandora to open for my Music Player?
  2. Thanks for the great feedback! Time to review DS4 a bit more now.
  3. Short of using my cabinet buttons/servo-stixs/gyro/trackball for Mame and Pinball X3, need a solution for all other emulators...NES/SNES/Genesis/PS1/PS2/PS3. Rather only have 2 controllers in total for my 2 player setup if possible. Wireless with either a docking station or connect via microUSB to charge would be best in my case. Was looking at: Steam controller Logitech F710. DS4 and DS4Windows https://xpadder.com/?lang=english&country=US ? Open to suggestions. Much thanks in advance
  4. D:\LaunchBox\Images\Sony Playstation 2\Arcade - Marquee? Ok...but how to name the file and png/jpg..? example: ROM name "nba2k.iso" make image nba2k.png or nba2k.jpg?
  5. You need to download the latest hiscore.dat file. Not all games are supported. http://highscore.mam...fo/download.htm
  6. Is there a method for Mame games to retain High Scores..like say Track and Field for example. -cheers
  7. Tab Analog sensitivities Change from 100 to lower
  8. Any one know how to lower the sensitivity on the Ultimarc SpinTek?
  9. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/24210 I play this same game daily on my cell...would be cool to play on my cabinet.
  10. Currently where my 2nd cabinet build is at. Upcoming items: 2 AimTek guns w/3d printed holders 3d printed cup holders on both sides speakers below main display Infinity LED for where the missing in pic shelf will be Finish up cabinet trim; adding 3/4 birch for body LEDBlinky to control Ultimarc NanoLED for cabinet backlight, ground effects
  11. Yeah, I want to add another pinball solution. My goto back in the day was JunkYard or PinBot. I took 2nd place in a local arcade tournament once for Junkyard and won $100. The 1st place winner was offered $300 or a 2 night hotel stay and entry into a much larger tournament in Chicago (was living in Michigan then) with a $5k top prize...he took the money #Boo! I would of taken the entry any any for the experience alone. Which others are you reviewing/ruled out if you don't mind me asking?
  12. For the Clear Logos (or any media for that case) on FX3...where to extract said *.png files...launchbox\images\platform\fx3 pinball?
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