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  1. Any means to call Pandora to open for my Music Player?
  2. Thanks for the great feedback! Time to review DS4 a bit more now.
  3. Short of using my cabinet buttons/servo-stixs/gyro/trackball for Mame and Pinball X3, need a solution for all other emulators...NES/SNES/Genesis/PS1/PS2/PS3. Rather only have 2 controllers in total for my 2 player setup if possible. Wireless with either a docking station or connect via microUSB to charge would be best in my case. Was looking at: Steam controller Logitech F710. DS4 and DS4Windows https://xpadder.com/?lang=english&country=US ? Open to suggestions. Much thanks in advance
  4. D:\LaunchBox\Images\Sony Playstation 2\Arcade - Marquee? Ok...but how to name the file and png/jpg..? example: ROM name "nba2k.iso" make image nba2k.png or nba2k.jpg?
  5. You need to download the latest hiscore.dat file. Not all games are supported. http://highscore.mam...fo/download.htm
  6. Is there a method for Mame games to retain High Scores..like say Track and Field for example. -cheers
  7. Tab Analog sensitivities Change from 100 to lower
  8. Any one know how to lower the sensitivity on the Ultimarc SpinTek?
  9. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/24210 I play this same game daily on my cell...would be cool to play on my cabinet.
  10. Currently where my 2nd cabinet build is at. Upcoming items: 2 AimTek guns w/3d printed holders 3d printed cup holders on both sides speakers below main display Infinity LED for where the missing in pic shelf will be Finish up cabinet trim; adding 3/4 birch for body LEDBlinky to control Ultimarc NanoLED for cabinet backlight, ground effects
  11. Yeah, I want to add another pinball solution. My goto back in the day was JunkYard or PinBot. I took 2nd place in a local arcade tournament once for Junkyard and won $100. The 1st place winner was offered $300 or a 2 night hotel stay and entry into a much larger tournament in Chicago (was living in Michigan then) with a $5k top prize...he took the money #Boo! I would of taken the entry any any for the experience alone. Which others are you reviewing/ruled out if you don't mind me asking?
  12. For the Clear Logos (or any media for that case) on FX3...where to extract said *.png files...launchbox\images\platform\fx3 pinball?
  13. Other than FX3...what other Pinball setups are people running properly. With DMD support would be great. Much thanks!
  14. Since we cant scrape for FX3...where and how to get all related media? Only "Attack from Mars" came in when I scraped with "Pinball", so not really a valid scrape. Much thanks guys...getting there!
  15. I run a second monitor for DMD on FX3...but the DMD is still present on the main monitor. Anyone know how to remove that? See attached for reference. Thanks!
  16. So using Mame197 with romset 198...I believe (how can I confirm this), I would like to change one of my ROM to a different MAME EMU as it wont run on Mame197, but will on MameUI32.
  17. @Sithel How do compile to make the 4 and 8 exe?
  18. URL *However, doesnt find my email address...hrmm.
  19. Short story...HDD failed. Need to re setup everything. Where do I collect by BB license again?
  20. Currently via steam..but just got my Zen code so will be direct tables tonight. Arcade cabinet with arcade buttons/sticks.
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