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  1. thanks for ur support / help! works like a charm!
  2. it works now fine, thank you!!!!
  3. Hello! yes im using the autohotkey script. I will check this out now thx in the meantime!
  4. Hi guys, im using the latest version of retroarch, ive downloaded the mupen core and im able to play my n64 games. Only thing is, on Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time it wont save my Gamesession. If i restart the game theres no SaveGame. Does anyone else encounter this problem? If i use the parallel core, the save works on mario 64, but it wont on ocarina of time. I dunno anymore what to do. Maybe someone of u knows a solution for my prob. and well yeah, im using launchbox / bigbox premium as my frontend
  5. Thank you so much It works fine!
  6. Hello, well ive imported my steam library and there are some games that arent controller supported. i would like to play only controller compatible games on my htpc and it would be gr8 if i could hide, or make some games invisible which i added to launchbox. is there a simple wy to hide / make invisible single games? the problem is, if i delete single items from the launchbox list on steam, if i buy a new game and start the steam import wizard, it imports me again all the deleted + the new one. kind regards plonk ^^
  7. Thanks for ur fast reply, is there any solution in sight?
  8. Good Evening, ive found this TOPIC but it has been closed: i encounter the following problem, everytime when i download some covers from the official gamedatabase the download speed is limited to 3-4 megabit/s. every other application, downloads etc. work quite fine. im located in europe, my line cant be the bottleneck, stable 100mbps down, 50 up. do the servers who provide the data have a bandwithlimitation if i use the free version of launchbox? kind regards plonk
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