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    Altirra help?

    I have all of the Atari 8 Bit games in a folder, 6000 of them, *I can post a link to them if wished. nd all of the ATX games too.... Russ
  2. Hi: I had the same problem, I updated to a 1 GB graphics card ad that all went away it now works perfect, if that helps. I was running on a 3 GB OptiPlex 745, with onboard graphics, the instant I upgraded to a 1 GB video card the problems went away. Also upgrading the ram to faster PC2:8500 SD-RAM chips, 4 of them so my friend will have an 8 GB system to play all of his games on. Seems too be I have the time to set it all up, but he wants a system with a floppy drive in it for doing Atari ST disks. All and all a nice retro system. Hope that helps. I am a technician, so I can help out in any way I can. Russ
  3. Ok , this question is along the same lines , I have all of my Atari 800 games installed, Launchbox launches them, but Retroarch says I do not have a real Atari OS installed, my question is where does it go and what filename do I use for the OS file? Russ PS: If I get everything running right I will make a video showing how to do this.....I have made over 300 videos...Russ
  4. OK I will check and se if that is the problem, but with over 900,000 games , it will take awhile to fix, either that or go strictly retro arch...
  5. HI all: I am at present using the entire Tosek library with LaunchBox, its all PD now, so I just use the files unzipped as they are, will that cause problems with long filenames and spaces in the filenames? I can get them to run under RetroArch no problem, but under Launch Box, no way, could that be my problem? Russ
  6. Hi : I am having troubles getting Launch box to run retro-arch when I click on any of my games, I have a few insalled but they run under retro arch but not Launch box, when I look at Retro arch later its still says no core.... Russ
  7. I too am having problems, but I am importing the entire Tosek library from # to Z, you name it I have it, I will be going through each game and getting screen shots for the box title , and uploading all of my screenshots. This should be of an enormous help for those who are missing screenshots for each game, we are talking over 300,000 games so it will take awhile. Both of my systems (In fact all 3 will have the Tosek library on them). That library itself includes hard to find Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST files that I recovered before I sold both Atari systems. Russ Campbell
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