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  1. That's the same version RA that I have. I've watched so many Launchbox videos, Lordmonkus may be right and I may have turned on an advanced setting or something. Between all my traveling and trying to update/fix when I can, a lot of it eludes me now a days! I guess I'm not as good with emulators and roms as I thought I was. I actually do have a "No Intro Naomi" set and it appears I can only get less than half the games running in Retroarch and Sammy Atomiswave just isn't working at all for me in RA! Just not enough videos/ info on these 2 systems. Oh well, here's to continued searches and pulling what hair I have left out!
  2. CaptSpeirs, I wouldn't be able to help you with No Intro Rom Sets...I'm just not savvy enough when it comes to emulators and roms. But, I did want to add some info to NeoGeo running in "slow motion". I found one of my older Retroarch (version 8.5 I believe) and checked it's video settings because I was having slow motion issues with several Nintendo platforms and Sega Naomi. I changed my video settings in the newer version of RA to match the older version (which actually had threaded video turned off) and now all the platforms that were running in slow motion are now up to normal playing speed. The only thing I didn't change was the custom aspect ratio and I turned "Start in Full Screen Mode" back on. If you weren't having slow motion issues in several platforms like I was, maybe this'll help someone else out. See attached screen shot below.
  3. I apologize if this has been asked...if so, I was unable to find any info. Long story short, I've been moving LB to an external drive and updating things. Before I started this process, all my platforms worked great, but now, several systems seem to be running in slow motion. Thanks to CaptSpeirs, I was able to solve the issue with NeoGeo (I had to turn on Threaded Video in Retroarch), but it hasn't worked and I can't figure out what settings (I think it's probably a setting within Retroarch) I need to change for GameCube & N64. GameCube I'm using dolphin_libretro and N64 has mupen64plus_libretro. If I push the space bar, everything speeds up and everything is almost on track. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. CaptSpeirs...I was having an issue with the video and audio in NeoGeo being extremely slow! I've spent all day trying to figure out the issue. I stumbled upon your response. Completely solved my issue for NeoGeo. Sorry you had a similar issue as me, but I'm glad you were able to figure it out because it definitely saved me!
  5. Richie, I wonder if you may have something going on with your system. As of right now, I rarely use Big Box, but I just went in and played a round of Dragon's Lair and for me I had sound all the way through. I know this isn't any help, other than letting you know it does work and does run correctly. What I can tell you is the folks here in the forum are amazing at helping to figure out your problems you may be having. I had a heck of a time getting Daphne and Singe up and running, but they patiently worked with me until I was able to get it up and running.
  6. Mad Dog is downloadable. I went ahead and purchased Daphne and American Laser Games.
  7. @NJDave71 Mad Dog is part of American Laser Games. Because all my ALG games came with .exe extension files, I just put them in the same platform folder as my Daphne games.
  8. @dragon57 Thanks. I’ll give that a shot in the morning. I don’t remember how I set up everything the first time. Do you have any tips on how I can get ColEm to see where my .col files are? Thanks.
  9. 10-4. Thanks. I'll give it a shot in the morning. Between Daphne and American Laser Games and spending most of my day finally getting them set up, I'm wore out!! Thanks again DOS76. I really appreciate the help.
  10. @DOS76 Thanks DOS76. Doesn't MAME need the files to be .zip? If so, I no longer have the .zip files for my coleco games. If not, I have MAME 0.188B and MAME ui64. Is there a preferred one I should use for colecovision? Thanks.
  11. My ColEm stopped working in Launchbox, and I've been playing around trying to figure it out. I put the emu in full screen and now I am unable to get to the menu bar. Does anyone have any idea how I can get it out of full screen mode so I can get to the top menu bar back? Thanks for any advice.
  12. @Aevans0001 Now I just need to figure out how to get my light guns working for some real fun with the Singe games...oh ya, and I now need to figure out why my Colecovision stopped working! Thanks for your help.
  13. @Aevans0001 It works like a champ!! I just dragged the .exe files into Launchbox and I put them in Daphne, emulator Daphne and once it was done downloading, I turned off the emulator. I attached a screen shot of the .exe files.
  14. @Aevans0001 I did see that, but I was thrown off because all my Singe games have .exe files that run the games versus having to create a .bat. So I was wondering if I dragged the .exe files into Launchbox if that would work. I'm about to try that now since I just finished getting all of my Daphne games setup and working properly. On a side note, all my Daphne games are in my daphneloader.exe, but I can't remember, nor can I figure out how to get the Singe games in there also. So again, I'm hoping the .exe files will work with me dropping them into Launchbox.
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