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  1. Yes i have able all option in security but when i lock option with pin this feature is not appear in menu of game. Try and let me see
  2. hy to all, i have a little question for all experts .... in big box when i unlock option in menu game are the possibility of choice the add a game in favorite playlist. but when i lock with a pin the options in the same menu disappear this function. how i fail?
  3. the videos are in Platforms folder, and they called as the corresponding platform. example : Arcade as Arcade.mp4 - Atari 2600 as Atari 2600.mp4 etc
  4. hy at all, I can not start the videos on the platforms. they all have the appropriate name and in the appropriate folder. all the videos of the games are seen. some solution?
  5. i have leaved the $ not this the problem now my script is correct: Joy7:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } the problem is: don't work any button. work only keyboard . my joy is ok work in all games inside launchbox inside bigbox inside windows inside all. not work only with the script
  6. yes i have correct my script. the problem is that never joy button work only keyborard key work for autohotkey what's wrong?
  7. sorry for late ... i'm in stable version of LB BB and in version 8.4 my script works well. so any input of joy thai i do not work.
  8. hy to all, after new update (i hope) my script autohotkey of some emulators not work. i have do a script for exit with my button 7 of my joy and always works good, but after nwe update of Launchbox not work. if i try to change Joy7 in F1 key it work fine. what more can i do for fix the problem? here my work script: &Joy7:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } tanx a lot
  9. hy to all after new update of launchbox all the scripts not work any solution? tanx
  10. hy, i have changed xpadder with joytokey .... but the script not close when exit what can i do?
  11. sorry but for exit the emulator how i can do? using a joypad ?
  12. great !!!! tanx a lot but because we must do this?
  13. hy at all, sorry for my english, i have setup correctly all shader in mame and standalone mame work at great!! but when i start a rom on my launchbox the rom start without shader any solution? tanx a lot
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