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  1. Can you please PM me the link! Have you also a link to the C64 Dreams LaunchBox set? Many Thanks
  2. 78/5000 No stress and thanks for the work. We have time. Looking forward to the tool.
  3. Would be very interested. Flaspont is an interesting collection! What is the status of the project? 42/5000 I'm currently downloading version 8
  4. I'm going to Build an Arcadecabinet sometime. I Have set up a LB Build with about 140 Systems, most of them controlling with my 2 Xbox360 wireless Controllers. I have also Build an Prototype for my 2 Players Arcade Controll Panel with trackball and spinner. Vor this i use the Ultimarcd Mini-PAC Opti USB Keyboard encoder. https://www.ultimarc.com/minipac.html Ist ist possible to Adjust the controlls so i can use both controll metod (Gamepad or ArcadeControlls). Or is there an other controller vor this?
  5. Jeremy Murphy from the eXoDOS Discord has a project started to Map all possible eXoDOS Games vor Gamepad use. This may take some Time...
  6. The problem wit the playlists showing in bb is solved now in 8.7 beta 3. Thanks Jason.
  7. I have the beta installed and it's sorted now in LB. 👍 But whats about BB, can i hide or group the playlists here. They are still showing between my platforms.
  8. I importet a complete Mame Rom Set and created all Playlsits with the new Import Tool. (2player, 4player, fighting games...) In BigBox the Playlists are now in alphabetical order between my existing Platforms. Is there a way to group all of this Playlists thougether in the Arcade Platform or hide them in bigbox mode?
  9. Found the fault. Think there was something like a hidden charactere wen i copy/pasted the script. I wrote it now by hand and now it works perfect. Thank you vor your help an have a nice Sunday! Don`t know much about the LB Database and uploading media to it. Will take a look wen i`ve got the time.
  10. Sorry, don`t work vor me. I copy/pasted your ahk script like this: Now i have a different error message wenn i start a game:
  11. I've added the script like this: But wenn i start a game a error message pops up now an the game starts in windowed mode, not full screen:
  12. Thank you vor your short Tutorial. Works fine for me! The Games are starting and playable, even in BigBox. Wen i press ESC to exit, then the flashplayer does just minimize the window not exit direct to BigBox. Is there a way to exit direct back to BB.
  13. Im off bed too now (07.30 central Europe Time). Im interested do try your solution to get this flashy games working in BigBox. As you see, english is not my mother language. Il try my best.
  14. Helllo, is there a way to start Flash Games (.swf) in BigBox Mode? I tested the AxLaunchbox Plugin but this works only in LB. Are there any tutorials to do this? Could not find one. Like to ad some single games from the Flashpoint Set.
  15. Phu, your tip is working. I've deleted the settings xml and it works now! Big thanks to you neil9000
  16. I updatet my LB from 8.3 to 8.4 and everithing works fine. After a restatr of my computer LB dont start anymore. I says that my settings.xml is broken. I tried do rename/copy a settings.xml from my backups folder. But the error message is still the same. IIt took me a long time to setup my 40’000 games. how can i rescue my LB setup?
  17. Is there a Playlist vor Spinner and Trackball MAME games. Or has someone a complete List of this games so i can create a new Playlist.
  18. Micral35

    Mame CHD's

    thanks that helps me
  19. Micral35

    Mame CHD's

    Ist there a way to automate this wenn i have a full set of roms and chds. Or can i just move the complete set of chd Folder in the root directory of the mame rom set?
  20. Micral35

    Mame CHD's

    Hi to all I'm new here and my english is a bit poor. I come from Hyperspin to Launchbox an i like it! I will use it for my Full size Arcade cabinet that i am Building (hopefully in 2018) Here is a Picture of my NES Style Test Control Panel that is allready build an working. (with an mini-pac Controller). Here is my question: I have dowloaded a full set of mame 0.198 roms (non merged) and chd's (merged). I did not use chd's before. Where do i put the full chd set? Can i now copy all the chd foldes directly in the main rom Folder of the full set to use them?
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