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  1. Whats going on everyone! Looking to build my new cab and I REALLY want to do a standalone non connected cab. I want to build my machine, do all the necessary updates, drop LB on it dial it all in and unplug for good, no further windows updates, LB updates, emulator updates...etc... Is anyone else doing this same thing for their cabinet builds? I'm looking to do this for all 3 of the rigs I'm looking to build, 1x Standard Arcade, 1x Racing Sim 1x Pinball. Just wanted to see if others are doing the same thing with their builds
  2. Whats going on everyone, Been away from the scene for about a year. Came back and decided to do a fresh full build with all the updates. Just downloaded RA 1.9 and im having crazy issues. NES games running super fast and Sega games running half speed. I'm leaning towards it being a graphics driver with openGL however i have tried D3D11 and Vulkan and still the same issue...im super confused here. attached a screen shot for reference. I have tried multiple cores so i dont believe it is is core specific so much as global. Any help would be appreciated! Forgot to mention, I'm running a GTX1080 and Ryzen 3950x
  3. So I'm in the final stretch here. I would like to do my final clean up and remove duplicate roms across systems to lower my overall rom count and only keep roms for my favorite platforms. To elaborate, Currently if I go to "all" and type in "Tony" I see all my Tony hawk games across all platforms. When doing this I see Tony hawk pro skater for Gameboy color, PS1, N64 and Dreamcast. I would like to keep ONLY the PS1 version and while I could easily accomplish this by deleting the others I was wondering is there a script that can show me all games with the same names and their systems that I could then manually scrub and then I would know exactly which game and system to delete a game out of?
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a tutorial out there for setting up mame bezels. I know that the raspberry pi can use the bezel project which I totally love however I would like to set something up like that on my Launchbox setup. I am currently using the MAME core within retroarch. Last time I began looking at this someone mentioned using the mame emulator with rocket launcher and linking everything up that way...is this the best way to approach bezels for mame or is there an easier way to knock this out?
  5. Well..........as much Launchbox experience I have under my belt with custom configs and what not this shows you why I shouldn't be jacken with my build at 3 in the morning while im running on fumes... I woke up this morning with a clear head and your post reply and instantly knew where I was all jacked up at...Thanks Neil!
  6. Having some issues with RA and LB configuration. Backstory: Was originally running a build with no graphics card and was using intel onboard graphics. Current story: Bought a GTX 1080 a week ago, went in to upscale some stuff for PS1 in RA for the first time tonight. Set rendering to Vulkan and started Tony hawk pro skater. Went into RA configuration during game play and tried to upscale but "renderer" was stuck on software. At this point I decided it was time to update RA anyways so I deleted RA completely out and decided to start with a fresh RA Build. I downloaded the latest build, set my default to Vulkan, loaded Tony Hawk Pro Skater, went into the menu on RA and was now defaulted to "Hardware" under the "renderer" section. At this point all was good and I began making some tweaks. After I made tweaks I went into Launchbox and relinked everything and fired up Tony Hawk again only this time in the menu I was on "software" with no option to change back...I closed out and opened RA outside of lunchbox and to my surprise it was still showing "hardware" with all my previous tweaks applied... At this point I went into Launchbox and deleted RA completely and relinked everything again, restarted Launchbox, and again all my settings were gone...once again I went outside Launchbox and directly started RA and sure enough all my settings were still saved. Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm pulling what little hair I have on my head out and I'm about to start pulling out nose hairs next. Using: LB 9.0, GTX 1080, RA 1.7.5, Beetle PSX HW 74bd755
  7. sounds good. So how would I go about putting together a "pack" of video snaps or artwork for games and submitting it? Where would I need to submit that artwork for people to download?
  8. So with switch emulation coming quite a long ways I am curious if LB can import NSP files and scrape for the metadata for those files? FYI (for those that don't know) Cart based systems for the switch are dumped in .XCI format and I have been able to upload my collection to LB and been successful in scraping for metadata. However, the .NSP file format is for e-shop digital games. I'm curious if LB has the functionality to scrape those .NSP files for the metadata? Obviously with things being so new in the scene i know there would be a lack of metadata out there however I would like to personally contribute to the community by potentially making cover images and finding the obscure artwork needed to help with the metadata as time permits. I am also currently considering making individual video snaps for games as well so the second part to this question. Where/how would I go about uploading this media to the LB games database to ensure everyone has access? Or as an emu movies member would I just upload it to the FTP for scraping?
  9. Interesting...I may have to look into a copy of windows server then...I use Plex currently for my media and was kicking around what I want to use for my audio however I just got down to Cuba in April of this year and were on contract down here till 2023 so I have a couple years to let new systems come out and evolve and evaluate prior to our rotation back to the states. Ideally I would like to have an iPad in every room wall mounted with speakers in each room that each user can designate what they want to listen to in their room while at the same time having the ability to go whole home by zone from one stationary device... I know were way off topic from the initial thread...so ill leave it at that but I may be racking your brain in the future lol!
  10. yeah that is one thing I need to get a lot better at is networking like that... I have basic basic knowledge but...I need to brush up on it big time because when I leave PCS back from Cuba to the states and we buy a house I want to do a full blown server room with whole home audio, video, and I would also like to explore a whole home arcade setup where my kids rooms and main arcade are networked into the same ROM library without having to house individual drives...or I just buy them PI's slap an image on it and be done with it lol... either way I still need to get brushed up on my networking as I do want a sick home automation system
  11. and I thought I was a hard drive whore lol... good lord man! thats a lot of TB's.... I think I just got a nerd boner!
  12. NICE! what kind of HDDs do you have that have been cruising for 7 years at 24/7?? reds? ...I'm actually rough drafting designs now for my LB setup and I'm looking to build in HDD support for up to 26 Drives as it does act as my NAS for my house and I do keep it on 24/7
  13. I will say I like this 2 player/4 player playlist!!! Makes it real easy and quick just to find a game and play when I have multiple people over!
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