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  1. OMG, WOW, thanks, that was driving nuts, thank you for the clarity brother
  2. When I get to pause menu in BIGBOX, everything is fine, resume game, reset game, exit but when I try and do a save state, I get this error? Anyone know a solution? I am in keyboard mode I am using xtension 2 player controller emulator edition Thanks
  3. I have Windows under platform Category then Steam and Mugen as Platforms
  4. I sent a msg with my phone # call me on what's app. I did some trouble shooting and got everything to work in keyboard mode with mame
  5. so your using keyboard mode in mame and when you press the pause button on the xtension controller you get a pause freeze screen or you get BIGBOX pause screen? If you have the BIGBOX pause screen with save, reset, exit etc. I would very much like to know how you did this. Thanks
  6. I put these together for my own setup, thought I would share if anyone needs it, they are all renamed for the Arcade Category selection Cheers Arcade Categorys.zip
  7. Thank you so much, that will do, I really appreciate that, I will upload the list I collected now
  8. Thank you brother, I didn't see that before, thanks so much
  9. Retro808 do you have a ctrlr file for xbox controllers and the xtension 2 player emulator edition?
  10. are you using MAME is Retroarch? then that might be the problem, I use standalone MAME 64
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