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  1. Thanks for responding, Neil. I will let my son know that he officially is number-one Blasteroids player in the world 😉
  2. I really love the Highscore feature of MAME in Launchbox. It adds so much fun to the games on my arcade-machine. I recently discovered that you can filter for all highscores of an individual. By that I found out that I would be number one world-wide in "Blasteroids". Well actually it is my 10 year-old son who played it recently. Obviously this cannot be true. It appears that Blasteroids does not zero the score when you add coins and click continue. The highscore is therefore a bit worthless. The corresponding name and score is RetroEppstein with a score of 761.238. You can delete this score. Is there any way to detect that a score has been reached by using continues and automatically block these from making it into the lists? How can I prevent this of happening in the future? I would not want to miss the highscore feature, but would not want to prohibit my son (or myself) using continues.
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