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Feature Request - Editable Text and Highlighters


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I would like to ask for you to have a folder in this program's folder that has .pngs which are used for the box highlighters, the category rectangles, and the game detail boxes. This way users would be able to edit those .pngs and have a bit of a customizable interface. Also, I would like to be able to change fonts, font sizes, colors, etc. for the category letters and the game names. I would also like for category letters and game names to be able to be customized separately. One idea would be to add forum letter customizations in the edit game section (where you input the game's info) and users would be able to change things there as they write like they can in most forums using forum tags like font color, italic, bold, font shadowing, etc.
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Ah, sure. Skinning came up before but that does sound a lot easier than I was thinking. And I can see it being pretty cool and allowing some awesome customization. Would the PNGs need to be able to be different sizes than the default? Or would it be good enough to just always have them the same size? I do have font customization on my list as well, but not per game. All good ideas. Are you a designer/artist by chance? ;)
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It would probably be good enough to keep them the same sizes. Program code would be used to edit their sizes if someone wanted that. This is how dolphin does their customizing. Also, you made need to code it so that if the .pngs are missing, the app doesn't crash because it can't find it.
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