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Fogotten maintenance on your PC


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Many of us know about maintaining our computers. We make sure it's free of viruses, malware, and bloatware. We make sure it starts up with only the necessary programs and processes for a quick and tidy start up. This list can go on and on for some of us. Some of us are very particular about how files are named and how everything is organized in order to find thing quickly and so neat and orderly. Well, we do all of this and everything looks fantastic, right? Well, software wise, yes. However, take a moment...shut down your computer...and open up the case. How clean and tidy is it inside? It is very important for the performance, health, and longevity of your PC to clean the inside every 4 - 6 months. Not just the free floating dust, dead bugs, and hair either. Clean all the fans and fan filters, especially the fan in the power supply. Clean out the inside of the power supply too, the heavy layers of dust hamper the ability to radiate heat from the heatsinks, also the dust and dry dead insects at high heat can ignite (I had this happen a long time ago, luckily I was there when it happened and saved the computer). Also clean out the heat sinks for your CPU and GPU (video card) and any others on your motherboard, eg; northbridge and southbridge. Heat and restrictive airflow are your PC's enemy. Also a good idea, if you live in a humid climate, place a few bags of decondecents (basically the same thing as those drying agent packet that are in stereo equipment or beef jerky, to pull moisture from the surrounding area). Doing these few thing will help greatly increase your computer's lifespan and help keep it's performance up. If anyone has anything to add, feel free. These are just my suggestions based on my observations over the years. I live in a hot and humid climate so this is very important for my PC. I cleaned mine out last night after 6 months and my ambient case temp fell from 38C to 35C and my CPU temp fell from 47C to 42C. This was at system idle and the room ambient temp was 33C.
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I strongly agree, especially for anyone doing any overclocking. I clean mine once a month normally and more often in the summer, but then again I have old school boiler heat in my apt and no air filtering system at all.
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Another one would be re-applying thermal paste on cpu and graphics card evey year to 18 months a good quality paste like artic mx-4 just small blob in middle of cpu/gpu and pressure of reseating fan will spread it evenly for you. Also keeping drivers up to date.
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