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  1. @SentaiBrad So sad to see you go as it was you who first put me on to LaunchBox a few years back when it was starting out. You will be missed, and i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that you have given me and others in that time. KUDOS man take care and i hope thing go well for you in what ever future en-devours you pursue.
  2. @SNAK3ATER You could wrap the notes in a viewbox here is an example <Viewbox Grid.Column="6" Grid.Row="5" Stretch="Fill"> <DockPanel Height="270" Width="264" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch"> <Canvas x:Name="NotesCanvas" Width="{Binding ElementName=NotesPanel, Path=ActualWidth}" ClipToBounds="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Visibility="{Binding ScrollingNotesVisibility}" Margin="0,0,0,10"> <Controls:ScrollableTextBlock Name="ScrollingNotes" Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Notes}" FontFamily="Cambria" FontSize="18" Foreground="White" TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="{Binding ElementName=NotesCanvas, Path=ActualWidth}" ScrollBeginDelay="10" ScrollSpeed="3" ScrollAutoReverse="True" ScrollEndDelay="10" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.5" ScrollDirection="Up" MaxWidth="{Binding ElementName=NotesCanvas, Path=ActualWidth}" TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" FontWeight="Bold" /> </Canvas> </DockPanel> </Viewbox> Remember to give the dockpanel the size and width of the viewbox as example, Hope it helps. As for the red and black why not just include both in a separate folder and the user can choose which ever want they want to use by overwriting the main one you choose for the theme?
  3. @Jason Carr Figured out what the problem was by looking at the LaunchBox must close error details Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: LaunchBox.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 594bf3e4 Problem Signature 04: PCSX2 Configurator Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 592b3a5f Problem Signature 07: 6 Problem Signature 08: 11 Problem Signature 09: System.NullReferenceException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 6153 Additional Information 1: 6669 Additional Information 2: 66695417878ba4200b9da6f3c5464cba Additional Information 3: c266 Additional Information 4: c26696436097baaae5130c82cd5fe451 As you can see from it it is the PCSX2 Configurator.dll that was causing the problem with this platform as soon as i deleted that plugin dll it is working properly again.
  4. @Jason Carr Hi Jason i keep getting this error when i click on any game in arcade platform Taito Type X this error report pops up, after i click on ok on the error popup i get the popup that LaunchBox needs to close. it is the only arcade platform that this happens with and was working fine (see ps at bottom). I am on the latest beta, here is the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. App: LaunchBox Version: 7.11-beta-6 Type: System.NullReferenceException Site: System.Object MarshaledInvoke(System.Windows.Forms.Control, System.Delegate, System.Object[], Boolean) Source: System.Windows.Forms at System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args) at (MainForm , Game ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Forms.MainForm.SetOneSelectedGameState(Game game) at (MainForm , Object , EventArgs ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Forms.MainForm.gamesControl_SelectedGameChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Controls.GamesControlBase.OnSelectedGameChanged() at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Controls.ImageGamesControl.<selectionTimer_Tick>b__63_0() at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state) at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart() Recent Log: 6:27:18 PM Music.Pause Start 6:27:18 PM Music.Prepare Start 18:27:18 Music.Kill Start 18:27:18 Music.Kill Finished 18:27:18 Music.NotifyTrackList Start 6:27:18 PM Music.NotifyTrackList Invoke 6:27:28 PM Music.Pause Start 6:27:28 PM Music.Prepare Start 18:27:28 Music.Kill Start 18:27:28 Music.Kill Finished 18:27:28 Music.NotifyTrackList Start 6:27:28 PM Music.NotifyTrackList Invoke 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Start 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailRating 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailFileName 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailCustomFields 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailLastPlayed 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailNotes 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails Before ShowDetailDates 6:27:35 PM GameDetailsGui.RedrawDetails End 6:27:35 PM Exception Ps:it started happening when i clicked on an entry, then did ctrl A and hit F5 for a refresh as i had changed some images.
  5. I find if i disable Coverflow in the Theme Settings xml that i dont have the problem anymore in any other coverflow wheels etc of the missing boxart. <DisableCoverFlowGamesView>true</DisableCoverFlowGamesView> @Jason Carr this is what i was on about yesterday in the live stream if i copy this <DockPanel Name="DetailsPanel" Grid.Row="1"> <TextBlock Name="Title" Text="{Binding Path=Title}" Visibility="{Binding TitleVisibility}" FontFamily="Calibri" FontWeight="Bold" Foreground="White" TextWrapping="Wrap" DockPanel.Dock="Top" /> <Canvas x:Name="DetailsCanvas" Width="{Binding ElementName=DetailsPanel, Path=ActualWidth}" ClipToBounds="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Visibility="{Binding ScrollingDetailsVisibility}"> <controls:ScrollableTextBlock Name="ScrollingDetails" Text="{Binding Path=Details}" FontFamily="Calibri" Foreground="White" TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="{Binding ElementName=DetailsCanvas, Path=ActualWidth}" ScrollBeginDelay="10" ScrollSpeed="3" ScrollAutoReverse="True" ScrollEndDelay="10" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.5" /> </Canvas> <TextBlock Name="Details" Text="{Binding Path=Details}" FontFamily="Calibri" Foreground="White" TextWrapping="Wrap" TextTrimming="CharacterEllipsis" Visibility="{Binding DetailsVisibility}" /> </DockPanel> and place it in any gameview nothing will show up, no scrolling details in fact no details at all which is what i was looking for seperate scrolling details without the notes in gamesviews not stationary adding each as a seperate entry ie Developer, Release Date, No of Players etc which is the only way to be able to do it at the moment.
  6. @Jason Carr Just tested out the wallview working extremely well scrolling left to right and up and down very smooth and responsive also background art now showing all the time KUDOS love the view.
    Love these videos very well done and they look absolutely fabulous cant wait for more to be uploaded KUDOS
  7. @Jason Carr Did a bit more playing around with the new theme; When you change views and come back to the wall view it does not show the background artwork until you go to the next game. When background video is selected to show it neither shows background video or any background artwork, but it does show the game boxes. Again i know it early stages but none the less KUDOS to you another wonderful view.
  8. @Jason Carr Just tried out the new wall view LOVE IT. Only thing i know its at early stages yet but when you get to THE bottom off THE wall it does not go back to the start which it would need to with a large platform such as arcade. Added the view to a theme and the new line for showing the wall view to the theme ThemeSettings.xml, went into visual Studio set the curve amount to 0 but the default overides any setting changes you make in your theme to the wallview. Like i said i know it is an early beta but for what its worth once you iron out these little quirks what a fantastic view. KUDOS working really good no problems with it apart from what mentioned. Thank you for that nice suprise. Again MAJOR MAJOR KUDOS.
  9. @zorkiii Or this i just knocked together quickly place the TextGamesView.xaml inside the view folder inside a theme you like remember to take a backup of the original file first before you overwrite it here is a screenshot of what its like TextGamesView.xaml
  10. @zorkiii You could check out my theme SciDoc it doesn't have the text list on the right but the bottom and large game video it mightn't be what your looking for see screenshot
  11. @igotdvds Thank you for these the only ones i know are in Tg16 Bonk_s Adventure, Chase H.Q, Drop Off, J.J. & Jeff and The Legendary Axe, will look at script when i get chance so thank you for that.
  12. Seen this too and as a kinda workaround i refresh them in LaunchBox and this seems to transmit to Bigbox
  13. @igotdvds Love all your marquee's that you have done so far, would also like to have a copy of the script for imagemagick that you used to create these. Also if possible if you could upload blanks of the Platform Marquees you have done so far so we could create our own for games you might have missed. Thanking you in advance. KUDOS keep up the great work.
  14. Yes checked that as well partitions aligned properly
  15. @DOS76 Tried that as well, interesting though my board is an intel and the intel utility tells me there is no update drivers so it looks like sadly a revert back to Windows for this machine before the 10 days is up to revert back. Sadly I was really starting to like the windows 10 environment but the SSD speed decrease doesn't warrant staying on an operating system that can't handle SSD's as good as windows 7 can as least on this machine. It amazes me though that Microsoft's newest OS cant handle drives as well as windows 7 can and maybe this is something they have overlooked and that they should be looking at.
  16. @SentaiBrad I installed Driver Booster and got report all drivers are up to date, however i cravat to upgrading to windows 10 on older hardware is the read and write speeds on an SSD Samsung Evo 850 will suffer almost a 30% decrease in Reads and around 20% decrease in Writes Did about 20 checks with Samsung magician to verify results. So it seems Windows 7 has better results in this department. See screenshot.
  17. It most certainly is, and should be the first port of call instead of relying that Microsoft had done it during the installation. So check and check again.
  18. Well i finally Bit The Proverbial Bullet and upgraded to Windows 10. The transition was relatively painless taking an Hour and a Half from downloading using the Windows Media Creation Tool and installing to a Flash Drive. then came the BIG STEP Upgrading to 10 this went quite buttery smooth only stopping for a minute at installing updates at 31% and again at 73%. Finally after an hour and a half totally installed and setup. Everything looked almost the same as Windows 7 the desktop etc except just uninstalling apps i did not need and disabling others. TWO HOURS LATER my first boot up of LAUNCHBOX this went fine and worked out of the box. NEXT PORT OF CALL (and i was dreading this) THE FIRST BOOTUP OF BIGBOX. I will not say this went smoothly at all, in fact quite the opposite. The Lag was almost to much that i had to shout WHAT THE F##K. Transitions were slow to say the least almost unbearable, controller response was almost to a standstill and Video was beyond terrible. How ever i had real faith in @Jason Carr's Software and his coding ability. SO I REBOOTED THE SYSTEM AND LET IT SETTLE FOR A FEW MINUTES. During that few minutes i waited with baited anticipation to boot up BIGBOX. REBOOTING BIGBOX OMG, the lag in the video both with WMP and VLC was quite bad, slow motion breaking up off graphics i was almost fir to hit the huge 42" screen in front of me. Immediately closing down BIGBOX, i went to Device Manager and LO AND BEHOLD i noticed that the display was using generic drivers, what was this, my drivers did not convert over during the install an ASUS Raedon R7 250 with 1gb of ddr5. I updated the drivers through Windows update drivers which installed the proper driver for my display card. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, I REOPENED UP BIGBOX. WOW @Jason Carr crisp, clean and quite smooth, no lag, Video working as it supposed to, really impressed, no overworking of case fans just a nice pleasant experience. Why didnt i try this earlier, well no Flogging an Old Horse finally i did it. And the greatest thing of all THE UPGRADE DID NOT COST ME A PENNY. WINDOWS 10 IS ACTUALLY ACTIVATED, How did i do it i hear you ask. Wellll i just Downloaded the windows 10 creation tool, installed it and ran it, then i choose the second option and saved the installation files to a USB Flash Drive. After the download was complete, I opened up the flash drive in File Explorer and run Setup from there. Then I just followed the prompts to complete the upgrade and was not asked for a product key, and when the upgrade was complete connected to the Internet and had a fully Licensed Windows 10, which you can confirm by going to Settings/Control Panel and then System to be surprised that Windows had activated freely. So the moral of this story is, after Upgrading Windows make sure that you update Graphics Drivers for the newer Version of the Operating system You are Installing (and Reboot System a few times).
  19. Try running it in compatability mode for windows 7 and disable dpi scaling (right click the exe and properties, but first try setting fullscreen in the settings below 1080 im not 100% sure but i think Kega has problems running fullscreen at 1080 and as a last resort remove the ini.
  20. @eatkinola Yes thats what i mean and @neil9000 no not an induced coma lol
  21. Check your graphics setting in the fusion ini they should look like this Graphics Compatibility Options ;--------------------------------- ForceCompatibleGFX=0 CompatibleGFXOpt=0 EnhancedGFXOpt=0 ForceFullScreen32=0 VistaAeroIgnore=0 VistaNoWndVSync=1 DebugFlags=0,0,2,2 ;--------------------------------- ; Sound Compatibility Options ;--------------------------------- ForceSWBuffer=1 also try with Use NTSC Aspect see screenshot
  22. How about a view through a partially fogged up respirator or gas mask
  23. @Styphelus You must use the bottom browse button see screenshot the one i have circled in red
  24. @Styphelus Open up your theme in visual Studio then on the right top you will see references right click and then click on add references see screenshot.this opens up another dialogue box click on the browse button on bottom see screenshotBrowse to the LaunchBox folder, and then the metadata folder and add all the dll's in there and click on ok. Then follow the above steps again and browse to the LaunchBox folder again and add the BigBox.exe and the Launchbox.exe that should do it.
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