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It's cool that Launchbox can launch external applications, using that feature it can also play trailers for games. I wasn't sure if anyone made a tutorial on how to play trailers with Launchbox and Bigbox, so I figured I'd make one. Untitled.png Requirements: Launchbox w/games, Media player Classic - Home Cinema, and a codec pack for MPC-HC. Start by making MPC-HC the default media player for video files. Then change the options for MPC-HC so that it launches videos in Fullscreen mode. Then change the After Playback option to Exit. That way it seems more seamless when you launch the trailers. In Launchbox, choose a game to add a trailer to. Click edit, and go to the Additional Apps tab, and click add Application. In the "Application Name:" field type "Play Trailer" without the quotation marks. In the "Application Path:" field click browse and navigate to the video file. (It won't show up in the browser window until you click the file types tab, and select all files.) Click ok on both the windows and you're good to go. I'm digging BigBox Mode, it's awesome. Video Demo I get my trailers from Youtube, and use keepvid.com to download them. Thank you for reading, and thank you Mr. Carr for the awesome software. If you like the all the work Mr. Carr has been doing, show some love and go Premium!
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mcclurem said I get my trailers from Youtube, and use keepvid.com to download them.
Thank you, I think quite a few in the community will make use of this. Also a great source for video previews is emumovies.com They have an extensive collection. For free they only allow you to download the videos at 240p and limit you to 500MB daily, but a small membership fee gives you access to all movies at 480p, unlimited downloads, and access to their FTP server. They also have 2D and 3D box art, fan art, manuals, controller overlays, and many others. Enjoy all.
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