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Updated from 5.5 to 5.7 and launchbox starts up slower than before


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Hi; First of all sorry for my english.. i was very happy with premium version of launchbox 5.5 and I don´t know why I did an update today to the last 5.7 version.. now my launchbox takes a bit more to start up.. it´s actually not a big deal.. but I liked the way launchbox 5.5 started almost "on the fly" before on my computer and now i have to wait 5 to 6 seconds before i can select a game :( .. maybe there are too many new features that made this build bulkier.. or I don´t know .. i just loved the lighter 5.5 version .. it was perfect for me.. is there a way to download the older builds of launchbox instead of the newest one?? As I said is not a big deal.. but I was really happy with my older version :( PD: maybe as a feature request.. you can make a lighter version of launchbox. without bigbox for example in order to be faster.
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BigBox isn't making LaunchBox Bulkier, nor are there many heavy features that should be causing this. Also, in the options you should check the box for Beta Updates because there is a bug in 5.7. There really shouldn't be anything that is causing the longer start time... I know there were some changes made internally to how LaunchBox handles things, like Editing a game is a lot faster now. I always think users should be on the latest version of software as well. So yea... maybe Jason can correct me but I don't particularly think a light weight version can really be possible... everything works together. Maybe a performance bug was introduced but 6 seconds isn't a big deal to me. If more users are seeing an increased initial load time then please let us know.
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no, i didn´t increased the size of my collection and I have the same settings as on 5.5... Anyway as I said before.. this is NOT a big deal..I am very VERY happy with the performance of this launcher.. so much so that i always bring an old laptop with just windows xp and launchbox installed on it to the andes mountains and I play there in the middle of nowhere where is no people in miles and miles... then I think "Jason would be proud that his software made it that far" :P thank you
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