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tobs1701 said Would you ever consider uploading the source for your app to GitHub so other developers can make pull requests and contribute?
I can tell you, I think Jason does wish he had more help sometimes but I am pretty confident that he doesn't want to take LaunchBox down that route right now. I'm not answering for him, that is just my thought after working with him for a while now. He hasn't been on in a while, so I think he is currently in the process of moving, so he'll be back soon.
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Hi tobs, Brad's right, I just got done moving and I'm on for the first time tonight. :) Per Github/open sourcing LaunchBox, I've thought long and hard about whether I'd like to go that direction or not. I am still considering it for the long term future, but as for right now, I'm choosing not to release the source code. I have several concerns that are currently in conflict with releasing the source: - Releasing the source for LaunchBox Premium would allow for extremely easy circumvention of the licensing. The funds I'm receiving from purchases are relatively minimal, but they help me to re-coup some of the time I spend that I could be spending on billable projects (I have paying clients that are always competing for my time). - I very much enjoy taking in feedback from the LaunchBox community and implementing new features, but I don't think I would want to manage developers in an open source project. Every open source project needs management, and I don't currently desire to review the code of any number of developers to determine whether or not it deserves to end up in the final product. - As can easily happen with open source projects, I'm concerned about code bloat and feature bloat. I am generally very picky about what I implement in LaunchBox because I don't want to end up with a product that is bloated or confusing to use. Whether this is a legitimate concern or not, I don't know, but it is a genuine concern of mine. Regardless, this is something that I do re-evaluate on a regular basis. We may eventually get to the point where open-sourcing LaunchBox makes sense. Just out of curiosity, did you want to contribute to LaunchBox yourself? Curious about the code? Or were you just looking to get development going a bit quicker? Thanks, Jason
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Just out of curiosity, did you want to contribute to LaunchBox yourself? Curious about the code? Or were you just looking to get development going a bit quicker?
Curious, and wanted to see if contributing code would be an option. I code in .NET somewhat for a living and really enjoy old dos games; Launchbox seems like it would be a fun opportunity to contribute code somewhere public outside of work. Thanks for the explanation, and I hope your move went well! Smile -Toby
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