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I'm having trouble running Broken Sword II correctly from within LaunchBox/BigBox. The game runs fine, but none of the movies will play. Certain games, like this one, stores the movies in an extras folder, and ScummVM requires that you define the path to that folder. I've defined it withtin ScummVM, and everything works as it should when launched directly from ScummVM. However, when run from LaunchBox, the game reports that the movie files are missing. This tells me that LaunchBox is ignoring ScummVM's own settings and imposing its own. Would it be possible to add a field in the ScummVM tab where we can define the extras path? Thanks, as always.
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Hi @ianrace, that's interesting; I wasn't aware of that extras folder. LaunchBox doesn't specify an extras folder via command line when it runs the EXE. The command it runs looks like this: ScummVM.exe -f --aspect-ratio --no-console --savepath="[ScummVMFolderPath]" -p "[GameDataFolderPath]" Could it be the savepath?
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Hi Jason. Nope, it is very specifically an extras path. Load up ScummVM by itself and click on a game in the queue. If you don't have any game listed, add one to see what I'm talking about. Click the edit button. In the dialogue window that opens, click the last tab on the right. There you should see options for a number of file paths. I think there are three of them: the game path, the save path, and the extras path. Not every game needs that extras path, but Broken Sword II is definitely one that does. I just took a look in the ScummVM manual. The command line switch for the extras path is --extrapath=PATH. I found the list of command line options here: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/User_Manual/Appendix:_Command_line_options Hope this helps.Smile
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