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It may be more tedious to incorporate this feature than it's worth, but if we could upload our Collection data so others could see it easily, without the need for us to upload numerous screenshots, etc. (for those of you that have hundreds, or even thousands of games, this method is quite time-consuming). In a previous post in another thread, I mentioned my other favorite program (along with LaunchBox), DVD Profiler. Click here to see my DVD collection for an idea of what I'm talkin' about. If LaunchBox had this feature, it'd be easy for us to upload our entire collection for others to view. As you can see, lots of data about each entry is there for easy viewing. Naturally, LaunchBox wouldn't need Cast, Crew, and other info that's not that applicable to games, as it is in movies. It'd be cool if LaunchBox had a feature such as this, IMHO. P.S. Of course, we don't wanna bog-down the LaunchBox Server, but maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
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Hey Stimpy, exactly! This is right along the lines with what I'm hoping to do eventually with the metadata database thing. I see it as bigger than just a metadata database, but also a social solution, with the ability to easily share your entire library on the web, both for people to view, and for people to use your metadata in their own libraries. I was sort of rooting for the metadata database to be higher up on the voting results, so we could do stuff like this sooner. I think I'll probably have to implement the home theater view first, though, seeing as that is the clear winner, at least thus far.
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