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Can't connect to Steam Network


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I realize this isn't a LaunchBox issue, but was still hoping someone could gimme some tips. I'm getting this error constantly when I launch Steam: Connection-Error-1.jpg I've set my Modem/Router's (Xfinity Technicolor TC8305C) Firewall Security Level to Low, and forwarded Ports 27000-27050 (TCP & UDP) to my PC's IP Address ( on the Router. None of that helped, but most likely because I don't know what I'm doing. Laugh Any ideas from someone who does know what they're doing? Smile Thanks.
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It happens I was having issues with accessing my Ubooquity server off of my local network and it was driving me nuts I was back and forth with the developer trying to get help then I noticed in my router that I used an ip address that was .254 and it should have been .154 I totally felt like an idiot after that one.
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Yea these things happen. You'd be shocked how many errors are simply human errors. Intentional or not, and a lot of time they don't even know they did it. xD That same statement goes for LaunchBox as well. Computers are massive and complicated now days. Our phones out pace our old DOS Machines now. Hell they out pace 60's era space craft. At least you didn't reinstall your OS over this. I've seen forum posts of people doing just that over less.
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