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Intel's Ninja Developer Pedestal & Platform (Huh?)


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72 Cores! I love it! You are soon to be surpassed HAL 9000! Laugh Platform Options (Look at the Power Supply on the Rack model - 2130 Watts x 2! Corporate stuff... Who else can afford the electric bills that stuff generates)? Back in the late 70's when I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (in New Hamster Wink), at a 2,000+ employee assembly plant, they posted an enlarged version of their electric bill on an easel at the buildings' entrances. This was for the purpose of encouraging employees to shutdown/turn-off their computers/equipment at the end of the day). Anyway, the bill was a bit over $350,000 (that was for one month). Ninja-Developer-Platform-Pedestal-1.jpg Developer Program Ninja-Developer-Platform-1.jpg
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I would've taken a picture of it, but no cameras in the building, and you couldn't take the quick stealth Cell-Phone picture, because that technology wasn't available then. Shit, my early photos back then (the 70's) were all on 'slides'. The actual camera film was encased is a little cardboard frame, for use in a 'slide-projector'. (You may have seen the use of a slide-projector on Season 5 or 6 of Mad Men (can't remember which one, but I think it's 6). Laugh But, anyway, I'm glad my electric bill is much lower than $350K/month! Wink
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