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Currently I have all of my TG and PCE games setup as different platforms using two copies of the same emulator with slight different naming in LB and each ones CD BIOS configured to that regions version. I figured if the emulator (Turbo Engine) was set to the TG CD BIOS then the PCE CD games would display the region error and vice versa so this was my solution (no Kega like option to setup multi-regional bios' and then be able to differentiate on its own) Does anyone know a trick that would let me consoledate the platforms and let me be able to launch all the games from the same emulator like some command line ninjitsu that would differentiate the BIOS on launch.
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Certainly - that's what the whole bottom half of the emulator setup window is for :) Here is a quick example, I have one emulator set up with three different platforms. In this particular instance I don't need different CLI switches for each one, but it helps keep things tidy in terms of platform association. In your case, just add Magic Engine as the emulator, then for each platform, you can add different CLI switches. Clipboard-Image-1.png
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