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Forgive me if I've asked for this before--it's something I've definitely been thinking about for a long while--but do you think you could add some kind of keyboard/controller toggle for ignoring and reapplying sort titles in both LaunchBox and Big Box? I ask this because I personally like to have things sorted with their franchise, as I would if I were displaying things in a tangible shelf (for example, I have Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island sorted as "Yoshi's Island 1" and Yoshi's Island DS as "Yoshi's Island 2" simply to keep that franchise together [Yoshi's Story is allowed to sort as itself because it's kind of a spin-off in that it doesn't feature the traditional formula...]), but I also sometimes forget where I have sorted things or (more frequently) because I share my media library with my siblings and girlfriend, it might become frustrating for them to have to navigate my particular organizational fetishes. So all I'm asking for is a key to quickly toggle between a Sort Title/True Title preference.
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