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"Game Details" section width resets every time I open LaunchBox


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Hi. Lately I've been customizing LaunchBox to filter my games and to look exactly how I want it to. For the most part, the experience has been seamless and very enjoyable. The only problem I've had is related to the width of the "Game Details" section on the right. Each time I close the program and open it again, that section goes back to its original width, which is much thinner than I want it to be. I'm attaching a couple of screenshots to illustrate this issue. As a sidenote, this not only happens when you close the program per se. If the LaunchBox window is maximized, 'de-maximizing' it and then maximizing it again triggers the exact same problem—the section's width resets. This does not happen with the sidebar on the left, which has always kept the custom width I gave it. I'm running the latest version of LaunchBox Premium (5.10) on Windows 7 64-bit SP1. Any suggestions / possible fixes? 111.png222.png
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Yea I get this as well, and also LaunchBox will periodically start up in a small window in the top left corner. I think Jason and I had discussed this at one point and came to the conclusion that it's a Windows bug, but we could never exactly figure it out. I also think that both symptoms have tickets on BitBucket as well. I will pass this on to Jason though to see if he has any more info.
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Thanks for your reply, Brad. There's one additional thing I've observed (and please bear with me, because I have ZERO knowledge about software programming, so what I'm about to say may sound really stupid Kiss). This problem is definitely not related to closing and opening the LaunchBox program per se, but to the resizing of the program's window (i.e., 'unmaximizing' it when it's maximized and then maximizing it again).The thing is that, each time I close LaunchBox, the program window first unmaximizes for a split second before actually closing, which is why next time I launch the program, the "Details" section resets its width. Conversely, if, for instance, I change some settings under Options and tell LaunchBox to restart, it restarts without resizing the window first, and upon restarting, the Details section keeps the desired width. So I guess what I'm saying is, I understand this may be a Windows bug, but is it necessary for the LaunchBox window to resize / unmaximize each time the program closes? Because I believe that's causing the issue and maybe it can be bypassed.
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