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how big box exit's emulators


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Hi @eric, this is just because every emulator likes to do it differently; it really has nothing to do with Big Box. When you use a controller, the built-in AutoHotkey stuff attempts to make it work for all emulators, but I don't have anything like this for the keyboard, as of yet (though it is on my list). I know some people have had good luck with HyperLaunch (I think that's what it's called). However, it's far from easy to set up.
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Yeah, generally I have really good luck using Retroarch for as many platforms as possible, though obviously it won't do everything. That does help provide a certain amount of uniformity. Eventually I would like to integrate something like Hyperlaunch into LaunchBox, but make it "just work" instead of it being a configuration nightmare.
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Hi @firecraft, there are a few things to try. Unfortunately I've noticed that sometimes the AHK doesn't work properly if you have multiple controllers connected, and set LaunchBox to use all controllers (instead of selecting a specific controller). So try selecting a specific controller and see if that helps. Also, take note that the settings are different between LaunchBox and Big Box. Also try rebooting your machine and/or making sure there aren't any existing AutoHotkey.exe processes running in the Task Manager before starting LaunchBox.
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