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Do not have write access permissions?


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Hey guys! Having a problem I dont know how to fix. I transferred my Launchbox folder over to a flash drive so I can play it on my work laptop when I travel. I dont want to copy the folder over because its a work laptop. When I try to launch a game from the flash drive the game will launch but then I get an error saying I dont have the write access permissions and I need to copy the folder over. The game will still run (getting slowdown half the time) and Launchbox completely closes. Is there any way around this? Thanks for any help!Smile
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Hi @Nickjs, it sounds like LaunchBox is trying to update the LaunchBox.xml file to mark that you played the game, but for some reason the file permissions on that LaunchBox.xml file are disallowing the update. I would check file permissions on the LaunchBox folder. I'm guessing since you copied them over from your hard drive there were some strange permissions that got copied over with it. Know how to work with file permissions?
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Thanks for the response Jason! That sounds like it makes sense to me. Unfortunately I have no experience at all working with file permissions. My concern when I originally copied it over was the games not playing due to the file structure not matching. Meaning its finding the games from the flashdrive and not from the User/Nick/ Launchbox/etc.. I was surprised when the games launched at all to be honest. But still having that one problem.
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