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PS1 and MultiDisk Game Questsions


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I was wondering how you guys manage this? First i would prefer retroarch but open to any other suggestions. 1. Is it possible to compress the bin and cue files into one zip or something? 2. Is it possible to add multiple CDs to a zip and for the system to ask you which do you want to load? 3. How do you guys handle games that ask for you to swap the disk? Using a mouse is no problem of course but can this all be done though the controller? 4. How do you get launch box to only show one game instead of all CDs as thier own game?
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Set up just the .cue file in LaunchBox to do so use Windows search (search for .cue) in your PS1 folder and drag all the .cue's over (or to skip the next step weed out the additional disks before you drag and drop) go through the list and remove all of the additional discs except disk 1 then after you have added them all right click (or hit ctrl + E) on the appropriate game once in the edit windows click the additional apps tab. Add the additional app name it disk 2 (or whatever you prefer) add the path to the second disc (repeat for all additional disks) and click the use emulator check box and hit Okay. Now when you right click on that game the additional disks will appear in the right click context menu. Why we are on this subject Jason is there anyway that you could change the behavior of clicking browse inside the additional apps set up window it opens the explorer window for adding the game but it is defaulted to .exe, .bat and another option I think could it be on all files by default this way we don't have to navigate over to the drop down and change it before any of the games appear you can hit tab as soon as the Window opens and then down cursor twice and press enter to do it quickly but it would be much faster if all files was default if you have no control over this and Windows manages how it is handled then its out of your hands but if you can change this it would be greatly appreciated.
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