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TurboGrafx CD Games w/ SuperGrafx Core


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I was just doing some reading over on the Retroarch forums and came across this little bit of information I found interesting. Apparently you can play your TurboGrafx / Pc Engine CD games using the SuperGrafx core. I believe there is no actual benefit to doing this in terms of emulation quality as of right now but it does help clean up a tiny amount of core / config clutter for those that may care about that. It will allow you to put all your TG16 / PCE emulation into a single core. Anyways the way you do this is go into Retroarch install folder and then the info folder. In there you should find a file called mednafen_supergrafx_libretro.info, open this file in notpad and change the following line supported_extensions = "pce|sgx" to supported_extensions = "pce|sgx|cue|ccd"
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Yeah I didn't know either. Too bad it doesn't do anything to better the emulation at all like maybe using a more accurate core of the mednafen pce instead of the fast. From what I could find out the SGX core is just a port of the pce_fast core, there isn't a port of the accurate core yet.
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