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Hi. New user here. I just wanted to report back two or three hiccups I noticed in BigBox. (Good job by the way, it works very nicely so far.) - Well, more feature request than bug: LaunchBox has a habit of blindly accepting rom files and associating by name. One nice option that might be worth having is restricting a rom search to specific suffixes (in Windows at least). I blew away old saves after noticing this so it's not a big deal, but it could have someone like me not paying attention and getting duped games. - A couple of times using the clear logo art I had the game menu list pushed off the screen. I think the art glitched because I saw a long one-pixel-wide bit of color down the left side and I could still control that menu from memory. I erased the downloaded art with my own wheel art copies from Hyperspin. Try randomly downloading the art for StarFox and see what happens in the menus. That might replicate the behavior. - Dragon Quest III (SNES translated) doesn't pick up screenshots properly. The Screenshots are using the standard Hyperspin/EmuMovies naming conventions. There might be a name block of some kind given that the media use a Japanese transliteration in the title of the screenshot: "Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En)". Not really an issue, but thought I'd mention it. - The option in BigBox to *not* keep favorites at the top of the games list is not working correctly. Favorites stay at the top whether that's checked or not. I do like favorites, but I also like keeping things alphabetized. - The rotating animation for the left side lists is jumping slightly. I switched to sliding as it was giving me a slight headache. The rotations for videos and game boxes look fine. - May be a Retroarch issue (, may not be. I swear I set per-core settings in a file and had that exact file loaded at game runtime. The game runs windowed with no correct controller settings and uses the old RGUI interface. It shows the correct cfg loaded, but incorrect settings for what I saved. I have to change the UI back to XMB, explicitly point out the assets folder so it'll load the correct graphics for XMB, and then re-check all the settings for the platform I want to use. I'm wondering if one has to set cfg only when loaded from LaunchBox. I haven't tried loading from Launchbox, exiting (auto-save on exit set), and then loading Retroarch and that cfg directly to see if something is glitching from LaunchBox's side.
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Thank you @Bedwyr, and welcome. Issue #4 is already fixed in the latest beta, I believe. We are just today transitioning to a new bug reporting system here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox If you get a chance and can put those there, that would be awesome. This way we can track each individual issue and you can get updates when I fix them. We've been taking issues in via the forums and it's just started to take way too much management time to take it all in, and then people never know when I get them fixed. Thanks much!
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