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Did Something Noobie with Bulk Edit Video.


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So I keep my video library separate from Launchbox. A while ago I figured out how to set the video path to the different directory and all was well. Today, not really thinking, and its been a while since I did it, I instead selected all my SMS (Sega Master System) games, Bulk Edit, Video Path, wasn't paying attention and when I clicked my video folder in Browse I figured why not and went ahead and clicked Ace of Aces.mp4. (The bulk video editor for some reason is looking for a file, not a folder). At any rate, now the Ace of Aces.mp4 plays for every SMS game I have. :( Hahaha. I went in through manage platforms, edited the actual video path, but nothings changed. I tried restarting Launchbox and Refreshing All Media. I don't mind reimporting, but will that fix it? Thanks!
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Potentially. If the information is kept in the XML you could try searching up the name of the game and video. I can't exactly remember but the folder option may be pointing towards the 1 video but that doesn't explain why it plays for everything... My best possible guess is it sounds like potential XML corruption. Clearing out the video's for the entire system (regardless of if you download them again or not) may work.
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What point is there in having the option to bulk edit paths if you can't set them to folders?

I'm also looking to have media files all separate from any frontend. All the media comes from emumovies, why should I keep multiple copies of it?

I thought about doing it manually or writing a script to do it for me, but after looking at how the xml's are laid out, it looks like it would be very difficult to get it working accurately.

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