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Bigbox no longer finding path to emulator


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Hello, I'm running the latest version of launchbox (5.10) and I have licensed it so I can use bigbox. Bigbox no longer sees the path to the emulator specified when trying to run games. If I open launchbox, all the games run just fine. Is there a way to reset bigbox or point it to the emulators?
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Good morning. Sorry for the delay in responding... So I ran BigBox directly from the folder and not via my taskbar shortcut and it works. Very odd. I created a new shortcut and it too works. I guess the shortcut went corrupt. The path and everything looked fine. I'm also having the same issue when launching from Kodi...
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When launching from Kodi I am unsure if there is anything we can do, however I am glad you found out the reason why. I will forward this to Jason to see if he knows why this could happen or if he can put in checks to maybe make sure this doesn't happen again?
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