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Retroarch Overlays per system.


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Hi, I am been surfing around in the forum and can't seem to find any answer to this.. I'm trying to add an overlay per system with Retroarch (ie: Atari 2600 4:3 graphics to cover the black bars with 16:9 screens). I'm coming from the hyperspin world and there is a setting per system where you can chose your overlay. I can't seem to find this type of button or find something to add to the command line to force it to show up per system. I hope I'm being clear enough. Thanks! EDIT: Nvm, I found out that I can just use rocketlauncher. I will just use this since I already have it completely configured.
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In the tutorials on our YouTube channel, I teach in a lot of them about the configs in RetroArch and how you can create one for each core. You essentially load the core, and you press the "save new config" button on the first screen, and it will save a new config in your config folder with the name of the core based on the config you had previously loaded. Load the new config and make your changes, including overlay's and shaders, and "save config". In the associated platforms list when you edit RetroArch in LaunchBox, add -c "config\[name of the config].cfg" after the entire -L command and it will load the core then the config when you launch a game. You can even do this per game too if a game needs special settings.
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