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Looks like the last version broke the "Use Blown Up Box Art" feature.


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Looks like the last version (6.3) broke the "Use Blown Up Box Art" feature. Or anyway it doesn't work like it used to. Before the last update when a game did not have any background to show with this feature enabled it used a zoomed in box art as the background. Since I updated to the last version now if a game doesn't have any background to show it will show nothing (default LB dotted background) as a background even with this feature enabled. Also before 6.3 Launchbox would try to use fan arts as a background and then would use the box art (zoomed in) if no fan arts was available. I remember having the option to ignore clear logo as the background with the free version before 6.3. Now it looks like I can't ignore the clear logo with the free version. So now i'll have to delete all those since I hate to use that as a background. Is it a pebcak problem or it's really how the new version works?
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Hi @MonstroMart, good point on those features. You're correct that you can't customize those in the non-premium version anymore. The added options are a lot more flexible but they're premium, so they're unavailable in the free version. I hadn't thought of that, to be honest; my apologies. I'll see how many people have an issue with it and if it's a common request, I'll come up with a solution.
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