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Windows 10, Joystick / Joypad setup


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Hi there, Just wanted to know if anyone can assist me with my occasional problems i have on Windows (10) regarding my joypads: I use a single SNES / USB adapter where i can plug in 2 SNES pads. Windows has no problems recognizing those. Most of the emulators find both SNES pads as well. The problems begin when i temporarily add another joystick, in my case a wireless 360 pad. It seems that the internal IDs for all joypads are changed or shuffled around. Is there anything i can do or use in order to give joypads a fixed / permanent ID so that it is immediately recognized as "that" joypad ? In most cases my SNES pads are sufficient, but for some games (eg. in MAME) i need analogue sticks and such. Thankful for any advice =)
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Yeah, sorry I don't have a good solution for you, @Doitsujin. In LaunchBox we have ways around it with Use All Controllers and I check the controller names as well as the IDs. But as far as forcing them to work with emulators, I'm not sure. It's possible that you could somehow get around it by using Xpadder or similar, though.
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I have found a program that when run for the first time asks you what order you want the connected controllers in then every time its run puts them in that order.
its called
tested it with dolphin bar and xbox one wireless controller and it works a dream
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Just a small video showing it working

I start my computer with dolphin bar plugged in then I turned on my xbox controller putting it in the middle run the program then it set then to the order I wanted



spoke to soon evey think else is ok mame still mapes the xbox to 5 and wont save config

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adding extra info
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