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NEO GEO roms file name


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hi all ^^ importing neo geo roms, i noticed that lot of names of the roms are named by file name if import AOF.zip, i did't see "Art of Fighiting" , but AOF i noticed that happens when there is no wikipedia data... same thing with MODEL 2 and 3 any help? thanks a lot
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When importing these arcade games, you need to check the box during import "Force MAME Importing". From there you can select or deselect the check boxes and regions. You'll also want to scrape the platform as Arcade as this is the proper system name. There are tutorials on importing in to LaunchBox if you need more help, and a Scrape As tutorial will be coming this Friday to teach users the ways in which Scrape As works. You can get to our YouTube channel from my Signature or the tutorials button at the top of the website. You can edit the Scrape As function during import, if you type in a system name that is not on the default list, or when you go to Tools -> Edit Platform. Edit the Platform you made then select to scrape it as arcade. On the left side of LaunchBox, click the platform. Click a game in here, then Ctrl + A. Delete all of the games from within LaunchBox then re-run the import process. Select the platform that you created earlier and it should automatically populate to Scrape As Arcade, and if it doesn't or you didn't set it up this way then just make sure to select Scrape As Arcade. After that, then check the MAME Import box.
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